It is a common notion that if your grandfather was bald, you can be too. If your ancestors had experienced hair loss and baldness, you are also expected to go through the same. But, it is not easy to identify the triggers for hereditary hair loss as there are numerous genes that can cause hair loss.
Although, men and women both suffer from hair loss due to genetics but it is men who are the most affected by genetics. Baldness in women is often different from the male pattern hair loss and also is caused by different genetic reasons.

But then, every other hair loss problem should not be related to genetics as there are various other reasons that can lead to hair thinning and hair loss. Finding out the right genetic clues that lead to hair loss can help seek the right treatment.

Here are 4 important genetic clues that indicate that you will be prone to hair loss


As per several studies, one of the reasons behind the early hair loss or thinning and receding hairline could be due to the mutation in LSS gene. One must understand that LSS is a gene that helps in regulating the body to metabolize cholesterol and if there are variations found in the productivity of LSS it can lead to several disorders in the body that also include hair loss. But researchers have not found the exact reason as to how the gene can cause hair loss. As it is the latest discovery, there needs much research done on the same.


As per a recent research, premature hair thinning and baldness found in men and women was due to the variation in androgen/male hormone receptor. This particular gene variant was found in the men who suffered from premature baldness. Women, too who suffer from an excessive amount of androgen also tend to be victims of female pattern hair loss. Researchers although suspect that there are several genes that play an important role in androgenetic alopecia, but variations in only one gene, that too Androgen receptor gene was confirmed in the studies. This is also one of the cases where the woman’s baldness has been linked to genetic causes.

Mutated version of the gene APCDD1

Researchers have also identified a gene that when mutated can cause hair loss especially in children and also hair thinning happens as we age. APCDD1 gene causes the hair follicles to shrink, where a process called miniaturization happens. Due to this, hair tends to become thin and becomes very fine and breakable. The gene APPCDD1 controls signal of hair growth and further meddling with it can put off the hair growth. APCCD1 has an important place in the chromosome. It also affects more women than men as women experience hair changes that involve hair thinning than complete baldness.


Many women out there who have PCOS have thinning scalp hair that is known as androgenetic alopecia. As the illness interferes in androgen levels, PCOS can cause female pattern baldness. And the thinning of scalp hair can be due to the high levels of androgens that are found in women with PCOS. As per several studies, PCOS has a strong genetic component. The genes that are related to energy production, hormonal production, follicular health and insulin production are all part of the PCOS. If a woman’s genetic inheritance includes a tendency for getting polycystic ovaries, there is a higher possibility of hair loss also.

If you are suffer from a receding hairline or worried about excessive hair shedding, you need to stop worrying as there are some effective treatments that help you deal with that.

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