8 things you need to know about a beard transplant
8 things you need to know about a beard transplant

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8 things you need to know about a beard transplant

8 things you need to know about a beard transplant
8 things you need to know about a beard transplant

Most of us must have heard about the hair transplant and that it is the surgical hair restoration for the hair on your head. But now a days the facial hair transplant is more popular and that includes moustache and beard transplant.

Today, there are more number of men who are embracing facial hair and beards. It is also slowly turning into a global craze and of course, a sign of masculinity. This transplant is often a solution for all those who do not have time to grow a beard and it can be quite challenging for few to even grow stubble and of course for all those who are keen for more facial hair.

But before you head to the hair restoration surgeon, here are few important things that you need to keep in mind.

Beard transplant is similar to Hair Transplant

The process and technique in a Beard Transplant are similar to a scalp hair transplant. The process involves extracting donor hair on the sides and the back of hair. The hair that is chosen by the surgeon for beard transplant is that which matches your facial hair and then it is carefully transplanted it to the recipient site.

The major difference between the two transplants is that there are smaller incisions that are used during a beard transplant than with a scalp treatment. And if you have a balding head, donor hair will be extracted from body hair, and that could be from your chest hair.

Hair growth is similar to facial hair

The new transplanted facial hair will only grow like any facial hair and it will have similar characteristics and texture. The hair extracted for beard transplant will be closely matched with your facial hair.

Facial transplants are not only for beards

If you think facial transplants are only for transplanting of beards, think again. This can be beneficial for a moustache, sideburns or only to fill in sparse facial hair and also to cover the patches. And if you want a transplant only to cover the patches, the surgeon will make sure that the donor hair is carefully placed at the right angle and provide the right thickness.

Not at all painful

The procedure for this transplant is similar to hair transplant and is literally painless. Majority of the time, this process is performed using the FUE Hair Transplant technique. And the hair follicles are carefully picked for the procedure, and there are no large donor site incisions.

Different reasons for a beard transplant

Most men love to get a beard transplant to improve their appearance. But we at Rootzhair get lot of cases where the transplanted hair is conducted due to lack of facial hair growth because of surgical scars or injury.

Procedure takes time.

Like any other hair transplant procedure, this procedure also takes around 2-5 hours to complete. And it all depends upon the area that is covered and also the density of beard one is looking for.

Cost of the surgery

The cost of the surgery is totally dependent on what as individual you are looking for. You need to first consult a specialist or a clinic that can assess you in person and also provide you with a quote are affordable by you.

Risks and Complications

The beard procedure may not be a big procedure but still it is a surgical procedure and there still can be lot of risks and complications involved. Although these are rare in nature but you may get infections and scars occurring on the face. This could be due to poor aftercare. It might also be because the transplant has been performed by an inexperienced surgeon.

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