If a man starts losing his hair, it could feel like he is losing a piece of his identity. Trying to understand the cause of the abnormal and excessive hair loss in men can help in deciding what treatment options are there for them and how one can help the hair grow back.

In this blog, we look at the four major causes of hair loss in men.

1 Genetics

Genetics play a major role in causing male pattern baldness. As per research, male pattern baldness is associated with hormones that are called androgens. Androgens have many functions that include regulating hair growth.  Each hair goes through a growth cycle. But in male pattern baldness, the growth cycle starts to weaken and the hair follicles shrink and then it ends up producing finer and shorter strands of hair. The growth cycle for each of the hair ends and there is no new hair that grows in its place.

2 Age

Age is another important factor for balding. Men do bald in their twenties and most of them in their thirties and also any time after puberty. The older you get, there are higher chances of you losing your hair. And many studies prove the fact that as men reach their forties, any hair loss is highly predictable and if it happens at all, it tends to so at a slower rate than it happens in younger men.

3. Stress

Stress can also cause hair loss. In fact, stress is one of the biggest causes of hair loss and it can spark off different hair loss conditions and also male pattern baldness in those people with an existing genetic predisposition. Stress is also known to be one of the factors for a hair loss condition called Telogen Effluvium, a temporary condition that causes increased shedding of hair across the whole scalp. But it tends to last no more than six months and clears up on its own. Stress can also trigger Alopecia Areata, a hair loss condition where there is a sudden loss of large clumps of hair in areas around the scalp. Similarly Trichotillomania is also a habitual condition that is caused by stress and anxiety where the person has the tendency to pull out hair even without realizing it.

4. Major surgery or Illness

Hair Loss is normal if one has undergone a major surgery or is recovering from a serious illness. After a major surgery or an illness, many people tend to experience dramatic levels of hair loss. Although the level of hair loss may appear to be quite excessive, it is just a reaction to the specific event that has happened and the hair returns to normal after a certain period of time. 

There are many ways of slowing down the process of your hair loss, but many options do not restore or bring back the hair that is lost. The only option would be the hair transplant procedure that can permanently restore your lost hair follicles.

How would I know if I am a good candidate for hair transplantation?

If you want to know more about hair transplantation, a personal consultation is the best way to find out your needs and what Rootz Hair Clinic can help you with. When you come to our clinic and discuss with our technicians your options and expectations, you can know more about the possible density of hair follicle placement that is done through the latest methods of hair transplant at our clinic.

RootzHair, one of the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad is famous for performing hair transplantation surgery for patients who experience hair loss for various causes – hormonal issues to pattern baldness. Doctors at this clinic use the latest technology for hair restoration and among the various methods include microscopic follicular unit grafting. The clinics are also present in other cities too – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore, Karnataka. Delivering the best hair solutions with the latest technique or options for hair restorations, the trichologists have their credit over 900+ hair transplants and the clinic has implanted 2,200+ hair replacements systems and performed more than 3,000 PRP procedures.

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