It is indeed a big step to undergo a hair transplant procedure. But before you decide on it, it is better that you take time to do your research about the whole procedure. Here are 6 important things that we think you should know before taking the step.

1. Am I a good candidate for hair transplant surgery?

The first and foremost thing that the surgeon at the Hair clinic will try to find out is whether you are a good and suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery. There are a number of factors that are considered that includes, age, and present hair conditions and of course your hair. In case, you are quite suitable for the surgery, the surgeon or the technical expert may suggest you other alternative therapies for your hair loss.

2. What all things I need to do before the hair transplant surgery?

You will have to take care of some preoperative preparation, before you go for the surgery and it also mainly depends upon the type of surgery that you have opted for. This could include certain hair care treatments or not using hair products, washing the hair etc. All this will be advised by your hair surgeon.

3. How much time is required for the surgery?

The time taken for the surgery is highly dependent on the size of the area being treated. The FUE hair transplant takes a few hours and it will have two to three sessions that span for two or three days. You need to ask the hair clinic how the long the procedure will take so that you think and plan about the time away from the work and other responsibilities. You should also inquire how you can manage pain and how many people are going to be there in the room and what the total process of hair transplant would include.

4. Which type of hair transplant is more suitable for me?

The hair transplants are mainly of two types – the FUT is a procedure where a strip of hair is removed and then transplanted and FUE where the individual hair follicles gets removed and transplanted.

FUE is the preferred option for a hair transplant as there is less scarring and recovery time. But, before the hair transplant procedure, you will be counseled about both the hair transplants. You can also do your own research about both the hair transplants.

5. How long does it take to see the actual results of the hair transplant?

The results of the hair transplant may not be that instant as it may take many months before the transplanted hair starts to grow. But to make sure the expectations are well managed, one needs to talk to the surgeon or the expert at the hair clinic to know about hair growth following surgery.

6. How much does a hair transplant cost?

The cost of the Hair Transplant depends upon the surgery you have opted for. You need to talk to the surgeon or the people at the hair clinic so that you get a quote for the surgery.

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