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Hair Loss Treatment

Customer Review

I was very stressed with the sudden hair loss that continued for a while and was heading for a baldness. I could not concentrate on my work anymore. So I took a decision and visited Rootz Hair Clinic, Bangalore recommended by my friend. I was informed that I had some health condition that led to hair loss along with hereditary factor. So I was treated accordingly with medication and FUT treatment. I am very pleased with results and recommend my friends to consult Rootz Hair.


Hair fall caused with ageing over 50 years, is a common issue; but untimely hair loss is a cause for worry. Several reasons contribute to hair loss even at a young age. It could be due to hormonal changes, health disorders like thyroid problem, autoimmune diseases, vitamin deficiency, impact of prolonged medication to treat an illness, family history of baldness (male pattern baldness) etc. However, there is a solution to treat it, whatever may be the cause, and you don’t have to live with it all your life.

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Different Types of Hair-Loss Treatment at Rootz:

    Our years of experience has helped us deliver excellent results for our clients with hair loss problems, such as:

  • Direct Graft Implant: It is only at Rootz, that procedures are done with advanced techniques like DGI. This technique allows extraction of more than 500 follicles in one sitting, ensuring maximum output, with minimum wastage of hair grafts.
  • PRP: We offer advanced techniques in PRP. It is a non-surgical therapeutic option. The patient’s own blood is extracted and treated separately in a centrifuge, to retain the protein rich cells or platelets (PRP). This highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma along with protein, is then injected into the bald area of the scalp, using a special micro needle for reviving hair growth.
  • Laser Hair Therapy: We perform laser therapy with highly advanced laser technology. The specific wavelength of the laser beam, helps in ensuring hair growth in a certain time duration in that specific area.
  • Laser Combs Technique: Laser combs are actually hand-held, low intensity laser devices. It stimulates the hair follicles and growth of hair in the right measure. Not every clinic is efficient enough to offer treatments with Laser comb technology, however at Rootz, with our expertise, this treatment has offered best results with natural looking hair, meeting the goal of our clients.
  • Hair Volumizing:Obtaining a full volume of hair requires certain techniques and skills to be adopted. At Rootz, we have experienced dermatologists who offer alternative solutions and apply techniques that provide these results to the best satisfaction of our clients.

The Right Treatment Approach

  • Whatever may be the cause for hair fall, we believe there is a solution to treat it. Diagnosing the right cause for hair loss is the first step to the right treatment approach. At Rootz Hair, we have the expertise and experience to address severe hair loss problems with right techniques and obtain satisfactory results.
  • We offer several treatment options for different types of hair fall, helping our clients achieve their goal. Some of the treatments include hair extension alternatives, laser hair comb techniques, laser hair therapy, PRP, hair volumizing treatment etc.
  • With our vast experience and innovative approach, we have ideated a technique in hair transplant called Direct Graft Implant (DGI) that has proven to offer effective results, minimizing patient discomfort. This innovative technique allows extraction of more than 500 follicles at a time, ensuring best results in a single session.

Why Rootz Hair Clinic?

Rootz has been a trusted hair center for best results from hair fall treatments. Rootz rightly combine innovative techniques to its treatment procedures for bringing in pertaining hair results. Some of the reasons why Rootz is trusted for hair loss treatments are:

  • Rootz is trusted for best results for hair fall treatment solutions. It combines latest and innovative techniques with expertise offering the best hair transplant solutions. Some of the reasons why Rootz is trusted for hair loss treatments are:
  • Advance technologies: The Direct Graft Implant technology for hair transplant innovated by Rootz has depvered excellent results for their customers. It has enables extraction of huge numbers of folpcles in just a single session and reduces the wastage.
  • Affordable cost: Rootz offers advanced hair fall treatment at an affordable cost allowing customers to avail the treatment of hair restoration and lead confident pves.
  • Enhance customer experience: We encourage our customers to take action right in the initial stage of unusual hair loss, that will enable them to experience best results in a shorter time. For instance, the hair extensions procedure during the early stages of hair loss, has led to natural looking results for a lot of our customers.
  • Ultimate results: Rootz is reputed for offering the best solutions for all types of hair loss with excellent results. Rootz has a team of experienced and expert professionals who offer the best in class treatment for hair restoration

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Our Patient Says

  • Mr.Upender Reddy

    Excellent Services from Bharath, I recommend all my friends to Visit him.

    Mr.Upender Reddy
  • Satya

    Very nice experience new look and new life now m very very happy tnx rootz....

  • Saptagiri

    Excellent work and care taken by the doctors here ,as I am from the movie field I am very much happy with the services of roots hair clinic


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