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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions with Rootz let you get lively hairs with artificial methods. The best part of Rootz hair extensions is that the results are original and long lasting. Done by expertise teams of dermatologist this procedure of hair extensions helps patients getting hairs without any particular surgical procedures.

What is Extensions

Hair extensions are methods to extend the original existing hairs. This may include anything that is added as an addition to increase the volume, length and fullness of hairs such that the original hairs do not get affected or damaged by any means. The selection of hair extensions procedure from patient to patient may be different because the hair conditions and their needs from hair extensions procedures may vary.

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Types of Hair Extensions

  • Bonding: Bonding is a type of human hair weave in which hair glue is attached to the sections where there is less natural hair growth. The special hair is used in bonding has strength and thus they do not damage the natural hairs by any means. The hairs incorporate with hair bonding may last for a smaller time or for the time user wish to have it.
  • Fusion: Fusion is done using a specialized machine which helps attach separate hair extension to one’s natural hair. In this procedure each strand is attached to the natural hair to ensure natural and authentic results. Both hot and cold fusions use an individual keratin bond to get a right mixture which can give versatile, foremost and natural looking hair pattern. Fusion extensions are great for hair patients who are seeking for length and volume with a little maintenance.
  • Infusion hair extensions: Hair Infusion Extensions is a reclaimable hairs extension strategy that uses sticks to give safety to the organic hairs. This is the most preferable hair extension strategy because it does not involve any type of heat or the other instrumental procedure that can harm patient by any means.
  • Micro loops: Micro loops are types of small jewellery or hair accessories that uses small rings plated with steel to attach hair extensions to the existing hairs. In this steel rings are specially coated with plastic and then they are connected to hair extensions to settle on the segment of the hair on the head scalp. In this techniques hair extensions are stick by employing a distinctive device. It is made sure that natural results can be achieved by sticking clamps in the form of cycle round to the existing organic hairs.
  • Hair Clips: It is a hair extension in which hairs are attached to the clip which can then be attached to the original existing hair to ensure volume and fullness in the exiting hair. Other than this it can also be used to obtain new colour or texture of the hair.

Advantages of Hair Extensions

  • Hair extensions help obtaining volume and fullness to existing hairs.
  • It is a simple, non invasive hair option, It gives natural looking hair results, It can be managed easily.
  • The procedure is quick and results are also very fast, It can give customized and trustworthy results.
  • It gives long lasting results, There are plenty of hair extensions options available.

Advantages of Hair Extensions with Rootz

  • Rootz uses 100% premium quapty substitutes to obtain natural looking hair results.
  • Rootz have customized hair replacement system that is provided as per user perspectives.
  • It has been providing trustworthy hair options from years and has recreated hair solutions for its thousands of customers till date.
  • It is famous for creating magic for hair solutions that brings joy and young look in the patients.
  • It is made sure that the hair extensions match the actual colour and texture of the patient hairs so that it matches to look original.
  • We are committed to bring in right customer satisfaction.
  • Rootz has expertise team that brings in various hair extension options for various colour, texture and curls.
  • We value individual hair differences and work to provide natural looking extensions.
  • The hair extensions cost of Rootz is affordable and it assures worthy results.
  • Rootz is famous for real human hair extensions with which real results can be ensured.

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  • Mr.Upender Reddy

    Excellent Services from Bharath, I recommend all my friends to Visit him.

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    Very nice experience new look and new life now m very very happy tnx rootz....

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    Excellent work and care taken by the doctors here ,as I am from the movie field I am very much happy with the services of roots hair clinic


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About Rootz Hair

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