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Why caring for your CROWNING GLORY is a must…

It is no secret that HAIR is a God-gifted accessory that naturally adds attractiveness to facial aesthetic. However, not everyone is fortunate to have a head full of thick and dense hair. Some might have patchy hair, the others may be experiencing hair thinning, and some might suffer with male-pattern baldness, while a few others might be battling their excessive hair loss. There can be numerous contributing factors to the hair loss problem like stress, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, prolonged illness, scalp infection, genetics or any medication. Thinning hair in men is no different than thinning hair in women. Irrespective of the gender, hair fall can be an inevitable march to baldness. Hair loss gets more of a worry when there is no hair regrowth causing hair thinning and ultimately leading to balding.Medications or home-remedies may offer a temporary hair fall treatment but can’t be a permanent fix to manage, halt or reverse hair thinning or hair loss – in women or men. So what can be a permanent hair loss solution?

If receding hairline, going bald or thinning up top is really bothering you, a HAIR TRANSPLANT can help you bring back what looks like a full head of hair. FUE hair transplant is much more than just being hair loss cure. It is a permanent hair growth treatment. Hair transplant offers one safe and successful way to feel more confident about your looks. The many benefits of the procedure have made hair transplantation a virtually undetectable, viable option for those suffering with balding or excessive hair fall.FUE hair transplant is an advanced procedure of extracting hairs from one part of body and implanting it to the area where you don’t have hair. A surgical procedure done with minimum invasion, hair transplant can be performed for hair loss in women and men both.

At Rootz Clinic, we offer best hair transplants along with other high grade hair loss treatments with satisfying results. FUE Hair Transplant, PRP Treatment, Hair Systems & Replacement and Scalp Micropigmentation are a few of our best and advanced hair loss treatments to stimulate hair growth.

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