why more men are choosing a beard transplant
why more men are choosing a beard transplant

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why more men are choosing a beard transplant

why more men are choosing a beard transplant
why more men are choosing a beard transplant

There are many men out there, who want to grow a beard and it will be what they want it to be – Thick and full. But for others, it is a constant struggle to grow a beard. It just ends up being patchy and they have to face other issues.

And for those men who cannot grow their beard, there are many reasons for the uneven and nonexistent beard growth. It could be from genetics to stress to hormone imbalance to alopecia areata.

But one should not lose hope, as many methods that fix a sparsely growing beard. One of the methods you can opt out is beard transplant. A beard transplant is quite similar to a hair transplant. And it gets you the same desired effect – a natural looking beard.

What is a Beard Transplant?

A Beard Transplant is a procedure where hair is taken from another part of the body and is implanted into the face to create a beard. Hair transplants are already very popular as the method is used to address a receding hairline. But in recent years, beard transplant have grown in popularity.

What is the procedure for a Beard Transplant?

The procedure used for a beard transplant is quite a straightforward process. The hair follicles are removed generally from under the chin or back of the head. It is then transplanted into the bald patches in the beard area. The small difference between a hair transplant and beard transplant is that the surgeon makes small incisions when transplanting hair to your scalp.

But then, the facial transplants are not just preferred for beards. They can be a good option for sideburns, moustache or goatee. And after you have chosen the procedure, the surgeon will first evaluate the consistency of hair in the recipient area of the body that is good for donor site.

Types of Beard Transplants

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the two major types of hair transplants and that includes beard transplants. Both are procedures where surgeons remove hair from the donor area.


Through a microscopic dissection, a small strip of tissues gets removed from the donor area in a FUT transplant. The wound edges are then closed by the surgeon. It could also leave behind a fine scar.


Each hair graft gets removed, one by one from the donor region during a FUE transplant procedure. And then it is harvested through small circular incisions over a larger area. This procedure will leave scars that are barely noticeable. In this particular transplant, the surgeon is able to harvest about one of every five follicles. The outcome of the transplant could vary as it entirely depends upon the quality of the procedure and the experience of the surgeon.

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