From a long time, there has been a debate on the topic if hair loss can be caused due to wearing motorbike helmet. But there are many people who feel that it nothing but a myth; whereas some think it has certain ill effects. There is no proof or studies that would directly point to the fact that wearing a helmet can lead to baldness or hair loss. However, some people who wear helmets regularly can often experience increased hair fall. In this blog we look at how wearing a helmet causes hair fall.

But first we would like to take a look at the few causes of hair fall.

Dandruff and other scalp infections

A primary cause of hair fall that is seen in both men and women is dandruff and other types of bacterial and fungal infections.


When it comes to hair loss or hair thinning, it is also due to heredity. But for women heredity is not usually a cause of baldness

Lack of Proper care

If proper care is not taken for your hair, they can always fall off without any major reason. Hence it important to clean and condition your hair regularly and to keep the scalp healthy

How wearing a helmet is related to cause of hair loss and baldness

By just wearing a helmet cannot cause you Hair Loss, but helmet will create a condition that can exaggerate few of the above mentioned problems, contributing to hair loss. When you wear a helmet, the air is blocked out from the scalp, which increases the scalp perspiration. This can accumulate sweat on the hairs and on the pores of the scalp which further weakens the hair roots which can trigger hair fall. Accumulation of sweat on the scalp making it ideal for bacterial and fungal infections to grow that is the major cause of hair fall. When there is continuous sweating to the scalp, it can worsen dandruff. And if you have the problem already, it can cause extreme hair fall.

And if you do not take care of your hair and are not with regular cleaning and conditioning, you can experience more hair fall while wearing a helmet.  Hence if you are wearing a helmet regularly, cleaning your hairs regularly is more important.

If you already suffer from scalp problems, wearing the helmet can always aggravate them. This can lead to further hair loss. Instead, if you have a healthy scalp that you clean and maintain regularly, wearing a helmet may not lead to hair loss.

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid hair loss while you wear the helmet

Keep your hair clean and moisturized

By regularly washing your hair and keeping it clean, you can prevent hair loss that is caused by wearing a helmet. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair every alternate day. You can use natural hair moisturizers like coconut oil to deep condition your hair.

Choose and wear the helmet correctly

When you wear a helmet regularly, it can cause” Traction alopecia” that results in gradual hair loss which can be due to constant pulling of hair in the backward direction. Hence you can choose a helmet that is of correct size and fits your head correctly.

Avoid wearing a helmet when your hair is wet.

After washing your hair, see that you have blow dry it or let it dry on its own before you put on your helmet. This will prevent the sweat to mix with your hair and also reduce your hair problems.

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