Five lifestyle factors that can cause hair loss
Five lifestyle factors that can cause hair loss

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3 Surprising Benefits of Onion Hair Oil

3 Surprising Benefits of Onion Hair Oil
3 Surprising Benefits of Onion Hair Oil

One of the most daunting problems faced by both men and women is hair fall. It is often caused by multiple factors such as dandruff, protein deficiency, unhealthy eating habits, pollution, stress and a hectic lifestyle. Each of these common factors or a combination of them act as catalyst for hair fall resulting in impaired hair growth dues to damaged hair follicles.

In order to address issues pertaining to hair fall, it is imperative to choose the right kind of hair products which not only accelerate hair growth but will treat hair damage effectively. Onion hair oil is one such highly valued product which is highly recommended to solve all problems related to hair.

What is Onion Hair Oil?

Onions are saturated with huge amount of vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate and a balanced proportion of essential minerals. Onion hair oil has revolutionized the hair care market and has come across as one of the most effective and unique potion that is proven to treat tresses the right way, delivering excellent results, thanks to its wide variety of antibacterial, antiseptic and nourishing properties.

Here are 3 surprising benefits of onion hair oil –

1. Accelerates Hair Growth:It not only nourishes the hair roots but also revitalizes the scalp, thereby strengthening the hair follicles and supporting natural hair growth. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall pH value of the scalp and improve the blood circulation, in turn stimulating hair growth. It also contains a balanced proportion of antioxidants which optimize the hair growth cycle and arrest hair fall.

2. Heals Scalp Irritations and Dandruff:Onion hair oil is loaded with natural and nourishing properties which heal irritated scalp problems, thus keeping dandruff and bacteria at bay. It not only strengthens the hair follicles but also improves the overall hair texture, thus replenishing the lost scalp nutrients. For best results, use this on a regular basis for enriched hair follicles and denser looking hair.

3. Leaves a luminous shine:Regular usage of onion hair oil improves the blood circulation across the scalp, leaving a luminous shine on the hair. Its powerful formulation revitalizes the scalp boosting hair growth and preventing frizzy and dry hair. In other words, prolonged usage of the oil gives best results in controlling untamed hair, thus acting as a natural conditioner.

The multiple benefits offered by this magical potion therefore help combat a plethora of problems, owing to the generous amount of sulphur, antioxidants and potassium, which not only reduce hair fall, but also improves hair growth, leaving the tresses thicker and stronger.

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