Every girl has this dream to look beautiful with the perfect makeup and a right hairstyle. And there is always this desire to get a better look with the natural hair they already have. But how does one make the short hair long. Well, hair extensions can be an answer to this and provide you with a stylish look.  But, you need to be careful as it can be quite risky if you choose the wrong type of extension and wrong application method.

You need to find the right extension and method that enhances your look without causing damage to your natural hairs. But first you need first conduct a research regarding the types of extension methods and extensions that are available. You need to see to that you choose real human hair extension instead of synthetic.

There are several techniques that can be used to fix the false hairs into your natural hair. Hence, it is better to consult the hair clinic who can suggest you the right method that is suitable as per your hair and scalp quality

How can hair extensions be attached?

There are several methods for applying for the extensions. Following is the list of the popularly used methods and techniques.

Bonded Method – with Glue

In this particular type of technique, the clinics or your hair dresser will use a kind of solvent to fix the extension in your scalp attached to your natural hairs. Keratin is popularly used for this kind of attachment. As it is very rich in nature with protein content, it does not cause harm to the scalp and natural hairs. But you need to ask the clinic or the hairdresser what type of solvent they are going to use for the attachment.

Bonded Method – Non Glue

For applying Hair Extensions in this method, the professionals at the clinic do not use any solvent and clips, micro links, cylinders, beads, braids are used for the hair attachment.

Weft Hair Extensions

Wefted hair extensions refer to those products that have been sewn or wefted so that the bundle of extensions can be created. A line of hairs are attached from the top together. Loose hair is fed through a sewing machine to add a reinforced stitch near the root of the individual strands of hair. The hair then gets folded over and also stitched again so the final wefted extensions are created.

Strand by Strand

In this particular method, the professionals at the clinic attach a small strand of false hair into your hairs and that too it is done strand by strand. This is done using either keratin bond or non glue bonded technique. Although it is quite time consuming, but if it gets attached to the hairs, your new look can impress anyone.

Clip in Hair

If you do not like permanent hair extensions, clip in hair extensions are the best. These hair extensions are used by women who want a new look instantly as it is easy to attach and remove easily and quickly. Whenever you need to change your hair style and want a little more length to your short hair, you can clip-in the extension and also remove it whenever you do not need it.

Why Rootz for Hair Extensions?

  • 100% premium quality substitutes are used to obtain natural looking hair results.
  • Customized hair replacement system provided as per the user requirements
  • Has been providing trustworthy hair options from years and has recreated hair solutions for its thousands of customers till date.
  • Expertise team bring in various hair extension options
  • Costs for the hair extensions are affordable
  • Famous for real human hair extensions

RootzHair, one of the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad is famous for performing hair transplantation surgery for patients who experience hair loss for various causes – hormonal issues to pattern baldness. Doctors at this clinic use the latest of technology for hair restoration and among the various methods, including microscopic follicular unit grafting. The clinics are present in other cities too – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore, Karnataka. Delivering the best hair solutions with the latest techniques or options for hair restorations, the Trichologists have to its credit over 900+ hair transplants and the clinic has implanted 2,200+ hair replacements systems and performed more than 3,000 PRP procedures.

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