Hair loss can be a common feature in your daily life but excessive hair shedding can become of cause of stress if it becomes a routine. Hair fall can be stopped or reversed using hair loss remedies at home or through non-surgical hair loss treatments. However, severe hair loss like receding hair line, balding or thinning hair top are a major concern for many which often require cosmetic surgery procedure for hair regrowth. If you are looking for permanent solution to male-pattern hair loss or baldness, then HAIR TRANSPLANT is the effective, safe and permanent hair restoration option.   

Hair Transplant in India offers an ever-lasting answer to all your hair loss-related worries. Undergoing a hair transplant can be decisive and even life-changing which can bring back your lost confidence and looks. When it comes to undergoing a hair transplant procedure, the most essential thing to be done before hand is GET INFORMED.

The million-dollar question that commonly crops up among balding men (considering Hair Transplant) is the Hair Transplant Cost and Hair Transplant Results. Even though the cost of hair transplant in India varies in different cities due to certain factors, but it is a lot lesser compared to the cost of hair transplant procedures in the other countries? There are multiple factors that outline the cost of hair transplant in India that includes the transplant technique used, where you get the hair transplant done, experience of the surgeon and outcomes expected etc.

In this blog, we would illuminate about the various factor that are significant in determining the cost of Hair Transplant in India.  

Location of the clinic: This the most obvious variant at play to determine the hair transplant cost. Hair transplant cost varies depending on the location of the hair clinic in a respective city. For instance the hair transplant cost in Hyderabad may vary significantly in comparison to metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Further, the hair transplant Centre can also influence the expense of your hair transplant surgery. If the facility is a premium one and has also advanced equipment for the hair transplant surgery, you should then expect a higher procedure expense.

Technique used: There are several hair loss treatments used for hair restoration and hair transplant is among them. However, the technique used for a hair transplant surgery varies. For example, there exists a FUT hair transplant, and then there is FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant etc. and therefore the cost of the procedure varies depending on the method used. Among all the available methods, FUE hair transplant scores as the most sought-after and effective for permanent and natural results.

Number of grafts needed: The number of grafts to be used for implantation is also a contributing factor for the cost of the hair fall treatment. One graft comprises 1 to 4 follicle units and hair transplant cost in major cities of India and even in Hyderabad is typically calculated based on per graft. Therefore, if you require more grafts for the transplant, the cost will increase accordingly. However, it is always recommended to consult your surgeon in order to determine the number of grafts requires and thus you can get a rough estimate of the same.

Level of baldness: Cost of hair transplant in India is also reliant on the area level of baldness or balding area. For instance, if your balding has just begun and you need to resolve hair thinning or receding hairline, you might presumably need up to 1000 grafts and the hair transplant might just need one complete session. But if an individual is bald from a large scalp area and needs a hair restoration for a larger area which might require a couple of sessions and so the cost is likely to go up in that scenario. In fact, the complete cost of the hair transplant exceedingly depends on the area of treatment and sessions required.

Who performs the surgery: There are innumerable reputable hair transplant surgeons in India. And most of the times, surgeon’s experience, and his reputation play a significant role in charging for the transplant surgery. The more recognized and experienced the surgeon is, the higher he would charge. The fee of the surgeon also depends on the knowledge and qualification of the surgeon and what advanced technology/equipment he uses for the surgery. However, you should also look into the outcomes of the procedure. It is advisable that you weigh all options before reaching to a conclusion.

Add-ons: In addition to the hair transplant facility clinic and doctor’s fee, there are other additional things that are often neglected when it comes to ascertaining the cost of the hair transplant. These include medication before, during and after the transplant surgery, the recovery essentials and a few visits to the surgeon post operation.

Final Thoughts: Taking everything into account before deciding upon the hair transplant clinic. Talk to your friends, colleagues who have had got the hair transplant done. Ask them about the hair transplant specialist and also don’t hesitate to ask questions related to hair transplant surgery, cost, results and recovery.

Nobody can exactly tell you about the exact cost of hair transplant without examining your hair loss problem. The above factors largely determine the cost of the procedure. However, the important thing to know is not to fall for the false economy. It’s not the cost of hair transplant that should bother you but the Hair Transplant Results. Be wary of being blind by cheap offers. It is therefore recommended that you should do a thorough research before finalizing the clinic. It is advisable to read the Hair Transplant Reviews of the respective center, know the ratings, if possible, talk to the old patients, properly view the Hair Transplant Before and After pics. Never settle for anything less! See a reputable hair transplant surgeon, look for a hair transplant clinic you can easily travel to and then decide upon the clinic and the surgeon.

To determine the exact cost required for the surgery and learn more about the hair transplantation sessions, you can visit our Rootz clinic in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Bangalore. During our consultation, we would draw a personalized treatment plan giving you the cost estimation for transplant.

We are acclaimed to have one of the best hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad, and Bangalore who delivers the most optimal hair growth solutions with advanced equipment’s and techniques. Rootz is also among the top rated hair transplant clinics in India.

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