What is Bad Hair Transplant?
What is Bad Hair Transplant?

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What is Bad Hair Transplant?

What is Bad Hair Transplant?
What is Bad Hair Transplant?

For individuals experiencing excessive hair loss or male pattern baldness, a hair transplant procedure offers a safe, effective and permanent solution to turn around the condition. FUE hair transplant is essentially a complication-free procedure done to stop and reverse the hair loss problem in women and men. If performed successfully and by an experienced hair transplant surgeon, hair transplants can yield natural-looking results while transforming the aesthetics of a person.

However, not all hair transplants deliver the desired results – especially those performed by inexperienced surgeons. It has been seen that the lure for lower cost of hair transplant also drives people to pay for botched up hair transplants.

Here are a few signs that will show you that you had a bad hair transplant result:

Poor Hair Growth: A bad surgical technique, unqualified or inexperienced surgeon, bad operation equipment may be the cause behind poor hair growth.

Excessively low or broad hairlines: Naturally, the hairline is about 1.5cm above the eyebrow. If the specialist commits an error, the hairline post-transplant might go south making the patient’s face look awkward, twisted or unnatural.

Oversized grafts: The use of large hair grafts can also be a sign of a hair transplant gone wrong. It occurs when denser hair plugs than normal are placed bringing a visible ugly patch-like appearance.

Hair planted in the wrong direction: A poor arrangement of hair implants against the direction of natural hair can also lead to a failed hair transplant as results may appear unnatural.

Recipient site scarring may lead to issues such as the rise of the grafted hair, detectable scalp irregularities and unnatural hair growth making the complete transplant a big failure.

A bad visible scar left after the transplant, a bad hairline with mountains in areas of graft implants or a totally destroyed donor area done with punch grafting are other examples of hair transplants gone wrong.

Donor site scarring or healing problems or skin damage can also be attributed to a bad hair transplant.

It must be noted that a bad hair transplant can happen to you if you have not done your research properly or you get driven by the cheap hair transplant techniques. To know everything about hair transplant surgery, price of hair transplant, hair transplant reviews and results, you can visit the Rootz clinic.