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Five lifestyle factors that can cause hair loss

Hair loss is very common and it can affect everyone in a different way. But you may not be aware that hair loss is attributed to certain lifestyle habits. Your general health and lifestyle are one of the biggest contributing factors for Hair Loss. Certain lifestyle changes could be the reason for your hair loss. To learn how your lifestyle habits have an impact on hair loss and what you could do to make a change and restore your hair, the blog is a must read.

Diet: You are what you eat and that’s true for your hair too. Having a balanced diet with protein and iron being the vital ingredients is good for healthy hair but people who try to lose weight would look out for certain shortcuts and will deprive themselves with the right ingredients. There are a lot of diet fads and also companies who have their weight loss programmes that can make people easily confused about certain diets, which are helpful and which are harmful. By losing weight, it is generally believed that it makes the individual healthier, but it turns out that extreme diets or certain poor dieting choices can be quite destructive and lead to issues such as hair loss. And to add to it, some people while dieting cut out certain foods when they start out new diet. By doing so, they may not receive the necessary nutrients and vitamins the body needs for a healthy body and healthy hair. Hence, it is important that when starting a new diet programme, one needs to be sure that they do not remove foods that help the body to thrive and also provide the required nutrients that are required to boost the overall health.

Certain Medications:Although medications that are prescribed by doctors should cure various health issues, there are times when it can lead to problematic side effects. And one of the main side effects that can happen from medicine is hair loss. The main reason that some medications have an effect on your hair and make you lose hair is that they are quite toxic to hair follicles. As the hair follicles become damaged, the hair growth cycle that is normal gets disrupted, leading to hair loss. Hence, if you find that certain medication that you are taking for one of your health issue is contributing to your hair loss try talking to your doctor, about it and see if you can get it replaced or go for the doctor’s advice.

Hairstyling:Now a day’s people like to try different hairstyles and also involve applying heat on a regular basis to the hair. But many may not be aware that regular use of blow dryers, curling irons that are used for styling hair can damage the hair to large extent. And when the hair is constantly exposed to constant colouring or bleaching, the hair becomes weak and can easily break leading to temporary hair loss. But many a time, when the chemical reaction stops, the hair roots begin growing again.

Different hairstyles like braids and tight ponytails can also lead to hair loss. All this can contribute to the gradual hair loss. Hence it is better to avoid hairstyles and hairstyle methods that can affect your hair.

Smoking: If you are into regular smoking, its better you quit it as soon as possible. Smoking can cause thinning hair as it reduces blood circulation to the scalp. The reduced blood flow can inhibit further growth of hair follicles. As cigarette smoke contains chemicals that are toxic by nature, it can affect all areas of body that includes the hair. But the good news is that hair recovers when someone quits smoking, and it all depends upon how long the person has been into smoking and how much damage has been caused by the circulatory system.

Chronic Stress: Getting stressed now and then is extremely okay and so is short term stress such as being late to meetings or anticipating an event. It is not going to affect your body in such a manner that it causes hair loss. But constant higher levels of stress can often leave you tired or it might also affect your appetite, all this raising the level of stress hormones and leading to hair loss.

Hair loss caused due to stress is called alopecia areata and is quite temporary and can be treated. The best way to handle this is to talk to your doctor and find out how you can combat stress. You can also approach a hair clinic and consult them about various Hair Restoration techniques that are best for you.

A proper diagnose of hair loss can help you get the right treatment. At Rootzhair Clinic, our experts will analyse your hair loss condition and guide you through the range of Hair restoration treatments that available.

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