All you need to know about Stress and Hair Loss
All you need to know about Stress and Hair Loss

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All you need to know about Stress and Hair Loss

All you need to know about Stress and Hair Loss
All you need to know about Stress and Hair Loss

Today, stress is a serious issue that every individual faces. We also see people around feeling overwhelmed due to the pressures that they face as part of the modern life. But too much of stress is bad for our health especially our hair. People who are under chronic stress and have noticed their hair lacking the luster and falling out faster than usual, it is something that they really need to worry about.

In this blog, we look at the few ways stress might be creating havoc on your hair.

Your hair falls out more: Extreme stress can lead to hair loss and this kind of Hair Loss is medically termed as Telogen effluvium. This type of Hair Loss is triggered when one suffers from bouts of flu or fever, is changing jobs, has recently given birth etc. But how will one know if they are losing too much of hair? As per experts, if you are shedding hair that is twice as much as usual and it lasts for more than two weeks or more you can blame stress for it. The other stress related hair loss may happen in small coin sized patches and is a characteristic of alopecia areta that can sometimes lead to complete baldness. In this condition, the immune system attacks hair follicles but the exact cause is still not known. But as per some experts, if someone is under stress, the blood sugar and blood pressure naturally shoots up and eczema too has a tendency to flare up, all of it leading to alopecia areata that worsens with stress.

The hair growth is very slow: When one suffers from extreme stress, even following a healthy diet is quite difficult. Many a time, because of the hectic schedule there is no time left for cooking a proper meal and relying on fast food and food from restaurants becomes common. Unhealthy eating habits and unbalanced diet can take a toll on your hair condition. And when you body is stressed, it may require higher levels of vitamins and minerals than usual. All this leads to a simple conclusion that if you do not provide your hair with the right nutrients and minerals, it may not grow as it needs to.

You like to pull out your hair: People who suffer from stress can be ailing with a disorder called trichotillomania. It is basically a psychological condition where the sufferer tends to pull out their own hair due to anxiety and emotional strain. As there is certain stigma attached to such condition and is a relatively rare condition, a sufferer may not seek any help for it. But if you suspect you might suffer from this condition, it is better you seek an appointment with a dermatologist or a psychiatrist.

Ways to manage stress and prevent hair loss

You can prevent hair loss that happens due to stress by making certain lifestyle changes. Getting enough sleep, spending time on hobbies that you love can always bring down the stress levels. Getting adequate nutrients required for the body can also help to manage stress levels and help in preventing hair loss.

But most importantly, finding healthier ways to handle stress that causes it may automatically help prevent hair loss. By doing regular exercise, a healthy and balanced diet and adequate sleep can all contribute to alleviating anxiety and worry. There are lots of techniques that can help in reducing negative moods. And if you think that stress is interfering with your daily life and you are not able to do anything about it then it is worth trying a therapy or visit to a doctor for help.

It’s only in the mild cases that self treatment is a good option, but in cases of excessive hair shedding one should visit a dermatologist for a suitable treatment.

A proper diagnose of hair loss can help you get the right treatment. At Rootzhair Clinic, our experts will analyse your hair loss condition and guide you through the range of hair restoration treatments that available.

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