Are you experiencing seasonal hair loss
Are you experiencing seasonal hair loss

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Are you experiencing seasonal hair loss

Are you experiencing seasonal hair loss
Are you experiencing seasonal hair loss

Did you know the fact that it is normal to lose more hair during the winter season? This condition is called seasonal hair loss and often times, it should not be a cause for immediate concern depending on your past hair condition(s) and your present state of health.

The effects seasons have on the hair

As nature follows cycles that are dictated by seasons, our bodies too have cycles that control when the hair grows and when it falls out. As summers go away and we welcome autumn and winter, it is common to have our hair follicles to be in the resting phase. And during the phase, hair sheds out to prepare for a new cycle to start. There is no exact reason to why the seasonal shedding happens. But as per the common theory, the role of hair is to cover it the entire scalp and also protect it from the harsh rays of the sun. In the winters, when the sun is less intense, there is not much need for hair to protect the scalp. That’s the reason when the weather is cooler, you find it common to see more shedding of hair.

  • The skin on the scalp is like the skin on the face that has to adapt to new weather conditions. During winter, the way we have dry skin, our scalp and hair also become dry and sheds hair.
  • In the summer, we sweat more and the pores of hair become clogged and this leads to hair fall. The exposure to the sun also can lead to UV rays causing damage to the hair.
  • During the rainy season, the rain water mixed with pollutants in the air is bad for the hair.

How to know if the hair loss is seasonal?

Hair Loss that happens in the months of October and November are due to purely seasonal phenomenon. The results of which are barely visible. But you may find yourselves losing much more every day more than the regular count of 50 to 100 that one would generally expect. You can find it through close observation only. A good indicator of whether there is an excessive hair fall is to look for it in parting as thinning of hair will make the parting look wider. There may be some hair loss that is perfectly normal, but so is regrowth. If you lose significant amounts of hair daily, but at the same time have speedy regrowth and that means the loss is not noticeable. But if there is slow regrowth, or if hair is falling in a specific pattern, such as at the crown or temples, this could clearly indicative of a more permanent underlying hair loss condition.

Here are 3 ways to slow down seasonal hair loss

Stick to your regimen

When you see more of your hair falling, there are times when you tend to overreact. But this is the time to be gentler with your hair. You also need to be more hydrated, and keep eating foods that provide you with the growth nutrients that you need – iron, protein, and Vitamin A, C, and E.

Use good hair products

By using good quality shampoos and conditioners one can improve the appearance of hair. You can choose products that have volume boosting ingredients for thicker hair and feel nourished. But these may not make your hair grow faster.

Avoid different hairstyles and heavy styling products

Try styling your hair in loose ponytails and regular hairstyles than going for tight ponytails and braids as they can damage the fragile hair. You can avoid damage to the otherwise healthy hair and cause more hair to fall. Try to avoid the gels and other hair styling products too that can cause undue stress on your follicles.

Prevention of hair shedding with ScalpCheck

Now that you are aware of the hair shedding that happens during seasonal change, do not try to self-diagnose whether the hair loss is seasonal or something more. Rootzhair clinic’s team of trichologists is there to help you know the health of your hair and scalp with their ScalpCheck analysis. The experts start looking at your current hair care and styling routine and also your contributing factors like lifestyle, diet and also other medications and heredity. They also try to identify scalp’s levels of oil, hydration and pH as they play a significant role in the health of the scalp and health of the hair. After the ScalpCheck is done, there is a customized treatment plan made on what suits your specific scalp and hair condition.

Scalpcheck is not just for detecting seasonal hair shedding

ScalpCheck is not only for detecting hair shedding problems due to seasonal changes but also is for anyone who suffers from excessive scalp itch, oily hair and for all those who want to prevent hair loss before it occurs.
Many people have been benefitted by the ScalpCheck programme of RootzHair. You can also benefit from it as it helps you combat thinning of the hair.

The RootzHair Clinic

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