Baldness in men when does it begin
Baldness in men when does it begin

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Baldness in men when does it begin

Baldness in men when does it begin
Baldness in men when does it begin

Hair fall is not as a much a concern in the modern age as much as baldness is. Men are inching into baldness as early as 20s. Trichologists say that balding is becoming more of a trend, than a rarity as in the past or when compared with our fathers’ generation. This is reflective of the changing lifestyle rather than genetics.

Unbalanced lifestyle, stress, pollution, poor nutrition and other unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol or smoking can impact hair growth. Though hair fall of 50 – 100 strands of hair a day may be considered normal, anything more than this number can be a cause for worry. Excessive hair fall is an indication of something unusually wrong in the body.

Some factors that influence early baldness include:

Stress:Hair reacts to trauma, an accident or extreme mental stress with excessive hair fall or alopecia after a couple of months after the incidence. Energy helps hair follicle to grow. Coenzyme Q10 (found in whole grains, fish and meat) acts as a catalyst to boost the scalp’s ability to produce energy.

Lifestyle: However, a good eight-hour sleep, protein-rich food and drinking plenty of water, a glass of water every two hours or so, can replenish hair follicles with nutrition, moisture and minerals from water. Hair specialists attribute stressful lifestyle and genetics for baldness.

Youngsters who are just out of college, looking for jobs, or struggling with careers lead very stressful lives. Accompanied by stress poor lifestyle habits like irregular eating and sleeping habits also play a large role in hair fall, causing male pattern baldness.

Smoking:With smoking, the inhalation of carbon monoxide can affect the hair follicles in preventing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles through the blood. Nicotine narrows the blood vessels, restricting the nutrition to the hair follicles, further affecting hair growth.

Alcohol: Similarly frequent boozing or addiction to alcohol can affect the supply of iron to the body, impeding absorption of zinc. Booze also causes dehydration, stopping the body from absorbing vital nutrients, thus making hair brittle and easy to break.

Lack of Protein:Hair is made up of a protein called keratin, and lack of it can significantly affect hair growth. So, protein-based diet can help hair grow. Some of the Spinach, almonds, walnuts, paneer, tofu and milk. Drinking green tea regularly helps because it blocks out hormones that causes hair loss.

Coloring and Styling: Using chemical based colors and styling are a couple more reasons for hair fall. Ensuring the use of safe hair colors or consulting

Some of the common things that men try to treat baldness are as follows:

  1. Home remedies: Regular oiling of hair, eating nutritious protein-based diet and drinking plenty of water, avoiding using hair colors and hair styles.
  2. Hair transplant:This is one of the modern ways to address baldness. However, the major issue in this method is to select the right and trusted hair transplant clinic, experienced trichologists, and advanced techniques. Rootz Hair Clinic is reputed clinic for hair fall problems and baldness.
  3. Relaxation therapy: As stress is one of the major reasons for baldness, addressing it with relaxation therapies like yoga classes, meditation and exercises help.
  4. Exercising: Hair massages and exercises increase blood flow to the hair follicles and improves hair growth. Consult your hair specialist to learn about hair fall-controlling measures and therapies that stop hair fall.

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