Best Hair Loss Treatments for men and women
Best Hair Loss Treatments for men and women

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Best Hair Loss Treatments for men and women

Best Hair Loss Treatments for men and women
Best Hair Loss Treatments for men and women

The problem of hair loss is one of the most common health issues that one gets worried about as it affects not only the general well being but also one’s self-confidence too. There are those who believe that Hair Loss is due to genetics or other conditions of baldness and try to find solutions in shaving their heads by concealing their baldness with hats and scarves. But luckily, there are many solutions that you can find for hair growth – many types of treatments that help in reducing and reversing hair loss.

Hair loss treatment is one among the collection of treatments that are designed to manage hair loss.

Let’s us look at the causes, prevention, and treatment for hair loss that affects men and women

Main Causes of Hair Loss

Infection of the Scalp: An infection in the hair root, mainly fungal can cause hair loss as it weakens the hair follicle. An infection can also be caused by ringworm which leads to temporary hair loss as it spreads over scalps leaving white patches.

Hormonal Changes: This is the most common cause that happens both in men and women. Temporary hair loss can be caused by the imbalance in hormonal secretions in the bloodstream. Women can lose their hair following childbirth or during menopause. Those of whom, who have hormonal imbalances can also have hair loss. Men can lose their hair when their hormonal composition changes as they age. Hair loss can be caused due to the follicle's response to the hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Poor and unhealthy diet: Diet that is poor and devoid of essential fatty acids, nutrition and protein can lead to hair loss problems. If you do not consume enough proteins and nutrients through your diet, there are chances of a number of hairs to go into the resting phase. You can include important minerals such as zinc, silica, magnesium in your diet to prevent it from falling.

Stress: Stress of both kinds, physical and psychological can lead to hair loss. High fevers, surgery, and blood loss that can cause enough stress can result in the shedding of hair. Many people also report losing hair due to extreme mental stress or anxiety.

Prevention and Treatments

Avoid hairstyles that pull your hair: The best way to prevent hair loss is to avoid those tight ponytails, braids and any hairstyle that pulls on the hair that makes up your hairline. The tight hairstyles can cause stress to the hairline and pull on strongly on the delicate hairs of the hairline and can lead to hair loss.

Stay clear of chemical processing: The variety of chemical treatments that are offered at the salons can cause harm to hair and lead to hair loss. Straightening the hair, bleaching and lighting the hair can cause a lot of damage to the hair shaft. Try to stick to natural style and color of your hair as close as possible, if you are experiencing thinning of hair as the problem can get worse.

Bring health conditions under control: Numerous health problems like thyroid, chronic stress and some infections can cause hair loss. Hence it is better that you try to prevent it. For chronic stress, learn some stress management techniques to help your mind and body to relax. Prompt treatment can be sought for infections like that of ringworm and other fungal infections that affect hair growth. Diseases like Diabetes and lupus should be managed with the help of the doctor.

Medications and Therapies

Finasteride: Finasteride is one of the popular medicines for hair loss. It’s an FDA approved medication that is used for treatment for hair loss in men as it blocks DHT. The main effect of DHT on the scalp is to shrink the hair follicles. The follicles become less active over time, producing weaker and finer hairs till they shed their last hairs cease to function at all.

Minoxidil: Minoxidil is one of the most popular drugs that is used for hair loss treatment for both men and women. It helps in stimulating the hair follicles to produce new cells and tissues. By rapidly multiplying the hair follicles, it results in better hair growth and also helps in improving the density of hair.

Laser Therapy

A low level Laser Device has approved by the FDA for treating hereditary hair loss in men and women. But there are only a few studies that have revealed that it improvises hair density. There need to be more studies supporting the long term effects.

Hair Transplant surgery

Perhaps this is the only permanent solution to hair loss and receding hairline. In this process, the hair follicles, not susceptible to balding are taken out and further surgically replanted in the balding area. As the transplanted hair in this procedure is not genetically tuned to be lost, most of it continues to grow for life long. This gives you a youthful look and also a fuller head of hair.

Are you looking forward to a Hair Transplant Surgery?

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