Biotin a hidden best vitamin for hair growth
Biotin a hidden best vitamin for hair growth

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Biotin a hidden best vitamin for hair growth

Biotin a hidden best vitamin for hair growth
Biotin a hidden best vitamin for hair growth

A head full of thick and healthy hair is something all of us yearn for. But there are only some people who are genetically blessed with a healthy crop of hair and there are others who may be not so lucky. One way for having health hair and to prevent hair loss is to have a balanced diet of nutrients and vitamins. Our bodies require a wide variety of nutrients for staying healthy and the hair growing follicles need different types of nutrients and vitamins to promote hair growth and volume. And one of the most important hair growth vitamins is Biotin.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is basically a Micronutrient popularly known as Vitamin H. Biotin is quite essential for our body for fatty acids, cell growth and also for the metabolism of amino acids and fats. It is also known for maintaining the health of our skin, nails and also hair. The Micronutrients tend to break down into proteins and fats in the body and then easily convert them into the substances used for energy. Biotin also helps in maintaining a healthy heart, repair tissues, and balances our blood sugar. But most importantly this particular Micronutrient is popularly known for strengthening weak hair and also helps in protecting our hair from external damages such ad pollution, heat and chlorine.

Symptoms of Biotin deficiency

The symptoms of biotin deficiency start very gradually and it’s only over the time it builds up. Symptoms of deficiency can include hair thinning, loss of hair across the body and red rashes around the body openings which include eyes, mouth, nose and anus. Adults who have biotin deficiency may suffer from skin infections, brittle nails, seizures and neurological problems.

How can you consume more Biotin?

It is quite rare to have a biotin deficiency as there are many foods that contain biotin. But, if you have a deficiency then it can lead to dry and brittle hair and also can lead to Hair Loss. By taking hair supplements biotin can be restored and hair loss can be prevented. It is possible that you are getting daily recommended amount of biotin from the regular food you eat and if you want to increase intake of Biotin then you can add the following food in your diet.

  • Cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Bananas
  • Cauliflower
  • Egg Yolks
  • Nuts

You can include the above mentioned foods into your diet so that you can avoid Biotin deficiency. There are also hair supplements that contain Biotin which you can use to try to restore hair thinning. The hair supplements also help in nourishing and protecting existing and new hair follicles.

How does Biotin promote hair growth?

Biotin has certain rejuvenation characteristics that help in producing new cells in the body. It also helps in preventing hair loss as it rejuvenates the scalp and also the hair follicles. The main benefit of it is to prevent hair shedding and also promoting hair regeneration.

Although it is believed that Biotin helps in preventing hair loss, but it is not proven anywhere. Taking Biotin alone cannot promote hair growth and it is only 1/100 of the solution for hair loss and is recommended to be taken as a supplement.

Biotin is also helpful in preventing hair dryness and brings the elasticity of the cortex of the hair, thus preventing the breakage and splitting of hair strands. And this is the main reason why certain products that are good for split end prevention has Biotin as the ingredient.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Biotin?

Although Biotion is the best vitamin for hair growth, there are few side effects with Biotin. Hence, it is recommended that one consults the physician before starting any biotin hair growth supplement. And if one is taking biotin in combination with certain other drugs for cholesterol, diabetes etc., there are certain side effects you can experience. There could be some symptoms of allergic reactions like nausea, rashes, itchiness etc. And in case you experience any of these, it is better you consult a physician. Another major side effect with Biotin is cystic acne but it fades away as the body adjusts to the newly added nutrition from the supplements. Also make sure that you drink loads of water so that you can avoid acne. It is also recommended that one consults a physician to discuss about the biotin levels if one is pregnant. Uncontrolled biotin levels can often lead to miscarriage.

One should also understand that once a hair follicle is dead, it is not possible for Biotin to revive it. You cannot undo the baldness caused by genetics by taking the Biotin supplement alone. Hence it is important that you understand the real cause behind your hair loss before you try to attempt to treat it.

If you are suffer from a receding hairline or worried about excessive hair shedding, you need to stop worrying as there are some effective treatments that help you deal with that.

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