Can mineral imbalance cause hair loss
Can mineral imbalance cause hair loss

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Can mineral imbalance cause hair loss

Can mineral imbalance cause hair loss
Can mineral imbalance cause hair loss

Minerals – Are you getting enough? As per several nutritionists, many adults do not consume the required amount of minerals that are required daily such as iron, copper, zinc etc. This would also mean that most of the people are deficient in the essential micro-nutrients.

What causes mineral deficiency?

Diet: The main reason for mineral deficiency is when we do not get enough essential minerals from the food that we eat. People who eat or are dependent on junk food or are on a diet that lacks the right amount of fruits and vegetables can all be leading causes of mineral deficiency. A very low calorie diet can also lead to this deficiency, and this would include people who follow weight loss programs or people who suffer eating disorders. Elderly people who have poor appetites may not get enough nutrients in their diet.

Certain Medications: Your body can be depleted of minerals if you take prescription or over-the-counter medications. The medicines in this category would include antacids, aspirin, oral contraceptives etc.

Physical or Mental Stress: Under conditions of physical or mental stress, magnesium gets released from the blood cells and goes into blood plasma and from there it’s gets excreted into the urine. If you suffer from chronic stress, it can also deplete your body of magnesium. If you have higher levels of stress, then the loss of magnesium will be also greater.

Certain medical conditions: Kidney disorders, digestive disorders, diabetes, low stomach acid and certain other medical conditions can also affect your magnesium absorption and retention too.

Can mineral deficiency lead to hair loss?

People who become deficient in essential minerals may suffer from certain symptoms that include hair loss. Deficiency in calcium, zinc etc., have been linked to excess shedding of hair. Deficiency of minerals can also cause fatigue, skin problems and also difficulty to concentrate.

Top 5 minerals that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss

Calcium: Calcium is the first mineral that plays an important part in the growth and development of healthy hair. It may not be the secret solution that will instantly help stop hair loss or help in growing your hair instantly within a short time. But it helps address the imbalance of calcium in your body that affects growth of your hair. Milk and cheese are popularly known for their calcium content. You can also eat walnuts, almonds, beans and green vegetables etc.

Iron: If you have iron deficiency or anemia it can result in Low iron rate in the body can increase the rate of hair loss. But if you get enough iron, you can rest assured that your hair grows naturally and also the hair texture will improve to a great extent. Iron is also known for reducing the dullness and increase flow of nutrients and oxygen to hair roots and also the scalp. You should include more dark green leafy vegetables, bread, beans, red meat and dried fruits in your diet to get more iron.

Selenium: If there is inadequate selenium in your body it can lead to thyroid problems and subsequently you may suffer hair loss. Two selenium rich food sources are whole grains and broccoli that help you to grow hair properly.

Zinc: Zinc is another essential mineral that is required for your healthy hair, skin and nails. It also plays a vital role in the production of DNA and RNA as it helps you in ensuring healthier hair growth. Zinc also helps you combat dandruff on the scalp.

Potassium: If you lack potassium in your diet, it can also cause hair loss. Increasing your intake of this particular mineral will help you the buildup of sodium in the hair follicles, which otherwise would interfere with absorbing nutrients that required for strong hair.

If you find that you are experiencing hair loss that is not normal, and think deficiency of mineral might be the cause, the first step be done is to go for a diagnosis. Rootzhair offers you a consultation where the specialists can confirm whether your hair loss is caused by a deficiency or something else. We also offer you personalized advice on how best you can restore your hair or the treatment that is suitable for you.

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