Complete Hair Transplant – Everything you need to know
Complete Hair Transplant – Everything you need to know

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Complete Hair Transplant – Everything you need to know

Complete Hair Transplant – Everything you need to know
Complete Hair Transplant – Everything you need to know

Going for a hair transplant treatment is a big decision. Today, people not only opt for hair transplant treatment for hair loss or baldness, but take the treatment for altering their hairlines or to acquire an attractive mane.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair Transplant is generally a procedure where in a dermatological surgeon moves the hair follicles to a bald area of the head. The surgeon generally moves hair from the leg or face or from the side or back of the head to the front or top of the head. It is under local anesthesia, that hair transplants are done.

Hair Loss is due to pattern baldness, which is due to genetics. Other reasons include diet, stress, hormonal imbalance, illness, and medications

Advantages of a Hair Transplant

• Permanent Solution.

A hair transplant surgery provides hope for those who suffer from hair loss with the most reliable solution as compared to other topical treatments that used for balding issues.

• Improved Looks

Majority of people who undergo transplant surgery at Rootz hair clinic are of the opinion that they went in for the surgery as they were unhappy by the way they look. By this procedure, there are given a chance to improve their looks, making them looking confident and attractive.

• Minimal Maintenance

One of the major benefits of undergoing a hair transplant is that it requires very less maintenance after the procedure. This is due to the fact that transplanted hair literally works like regular hair and there is no need to use any kind of special chemicals or shampoos to maintain proper density.

Types of Hair Transplant surgery

There are mainly two main types of hair transplant procedure, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Advantages of FUT method

• In few sittings, large areas of baldness can be covered easily
• Resection rate is lesser and provides superior results, but the resection rate totally depends on surgeon’s skill and experience

Advantages of FUE method

• Recovery time is faster and the patient can often return to work the next day
• It does not leave any linear scars.

During a hair transplant

The surgeon cleans your scalp thoroughly by using a small needle to numb the area of your head with local anesthesia. After this, a scalpel is used to remove a round section of the scalp covered with hair and then the scalp is closed.

After this, the removed portion of the scalp separated by the surgeon into small sections by a sharp knife. And when implanted, these sections help in achieving natural-looking hair growth.There are tiny holes made with a needle or blade in the area of your scalp, receiving the hair transplant. Hairs are gently placed in these holes.

After the graft, bandages are used to cover your scalp for a few days. A hair transplant session can take three to four hours or more. After about 10 to 15 days of surgery, the stitches are removed

Three or four sessions are required to achieve the full head of hair that is desired. And sessions cover several months apart so that each transplant is allowed to heal.

After the hair transplant treatment

After the hair transplant, your doctor may put you on medications as your scalp may be sore. The medicines will include antibiotics, pain medication and also anti-inflammatory medications. There are people who return to work after several days of surgery. After two or three weeks of the procedure, it is very normal for the transplanted hair to fall, making way for new hair growth.

Side Effects and Complications

There are various side effects after a hair transplant. But it usually clears up after few weeks. • Infection
• Itching
• Inflammation of the hair follicles
• Unnatural looking hair
• Swelling
• Bleeding

Looking forward for a Hair transplant Surgery?

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