Different causes for hair loss
Different causes for hair loss

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What are the different causes of hair loss, and how can they be treated?

What are the different causes of hair loss, and how can they be treated
What are the different causes of hair loss, and how can they be treated

It is perfectly normal to lose some strands throughout a day but are you noticing your hair everywhere around your house? If yes, we understand that it can be deeply distressing. The hair transplantation cost in Bangalore only adds to the misery.

Hair loss can either happen slowly or all at once and can either be permanent or temporary. Yet, if you are noticing symptoms like a receding hairline, circular patchy bald spots and patches of scaling, you might be already on your way.

To understand hair loss, let’s explore its causes and treatment options.

Causes of hair loss

Heredity:It is also known as male-pattern baldness, hereditary-pattern baldness and androgenetic alopecia. It is common in men and is a natural condition influenced by genetics.

Hairstyling:Procedures like bleaching, curling and straightening if done way too often can lead to hair loss. No one likes to repeat hairstyles, but don’t compromise with your health for it.

Hair products:Before choosing a shampoo, you should be completely aware of your hair type. Moreover, the product needs to be gentle. Otherwise, it will lead to hair fall.

Infections:Medical conditions, like syphilis, can lead to hair loss and hair thinning. Don’t worry because you will regain your hair withy further treatment.

Vitamin deficiency:An imbalanced diet lacking in proteins, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron and zinc can lead to hair fall.

Pollution:Air pollution is one of the prominent causes of hair loss. The dust particles in the air interfere with the proteins in the hair and cause hair damage.

Lifestyle habits:Lifestyle habits like smoking, working in the sun for long hours and inadequate sleeping pattern can also lead to hair loss.

How to treat hair loss?


If you are suffering from hair loss, you might already be aware of the popular over-the-counter medications like Minoxidil, Phenylephrine and Finasteride. However, you should stay away from Finasteride if you are planning for a pregnancy. Moreover, high doses of Minoxidil can lead to scalp irritation and acne.

Alternative medications like onion juice, essential oils, coconut oil, green tea and aloe vera are also commonly used. However, there is no scientific evidence for their effectiveness.

In-office treatment options

Hair Transplantation

FUE hair transplantation performed at Rootz is a minimally invasive procedure. It is a painless process which will help you in regaining your hair growth.

Scalp reduction

Scalp reduction involves surgical removes of the areas of the scalp that are affected by hair loss. It is like scalp lifting. Both men and women can benefit from the procedure.

Laser therapy

The red light therapy stimulates epidermal stem cells and is extremely beneficial in the case of genetic hair loss or hair loss due to chemotherapy.


Your diet should be protein-rich and include products like amla, coconut, moong beans, and raw alow leaf juice. Cut down on excessive consumption of salt.

Wrapping up

We hope that studying the causes and treatment options will allow you to live a relaxed life without seeing hair clogging up your shower. Consult your doctor before going with any treatment option. If you have any other query, feel free to reach out to Rootz, one of the best hair transplantation clinics in Bangalore.

A proper diagnose of hair loss can help you get the right treatment. At Rootzhair Clinic, our experts will Analyse your hair loss condition and guide you through the range of Hair restoration treatments that available.

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