Early Signs That Indicate You Are Going Bald
Early Signs That Indicate You Are Going Bald

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Early Signs That Indicate You Are Going Bald

Early Signs That Indicate You Are Going Bald
Early Signs That Indicate You Are Going Bald

Am I going bald? A question many men would like to ask. Majority of men out there experience male pattern baldness at some point in life. Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia, the most common type of hair loss in men. Genetics is the main cause for male pattern baldness or having a family history of baldness. As per some studies, male pattern baldness is also associated with male sex hormones called androgens. Apart from many functions, androgens also help in regulating hair growth.

There are many men who are really concerned about balding and are ready to do anything for it, but there are many who are not as bothered as they feel there still time to it.

With balding or hair loss, there is one problem that is observed – the longer the wait, the harder to get it reversed. If one starts the Hair Loss Treatment program just when they see hairline receding, there are greater chances of holding on the hair. But if you wait for long, the hair would have completely fallen out and with the follicles dead, you could miss the opportunity with some of the more cost effective and popular hair loss treatments that are available in the market.

So when is the right time for you to take action? Here are some of the early signs of balding.

Receding hairline

A big and serious sign of potential balding is hairline recession. But many people out there ignore this completely. It is easy to notice to the receding hairline, as you brush the hair and you find it difficult to style the way you want it. The direction of comb would not be as it used to be in the past, if you have a receding hairline. Thinning of hair around your temples is one of the common signs of hairline recession. Most people, who suffer from this type of balding, find the pattern continuing to spread over the time until it leaves the M-shaped hairline.

Excessive shedding of hair

Many people tend to ignore or overlook excessive shedding of hair. One of the reasons is that the belief that it is natural to lose some hair any given day due to normal shedding. And they do not want to accept the truth that the hair is actually thinning. A couple of hairs lying does not really mean that one is going bald, but if one start noticing lot of hair stuck in combs, on the pillows or in the drain of the bathroom, then it might be time to look for a hair loss treatment programs.

Scalp is Itchy

An itchy scalp for some people can be a sign of losing hair. Although this is not directly related to male pattern baldness, an itchy scalp can be linked to other dermatological conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis. The fact that this is relevant to hair loss may be not because of the condition, but the reaction to it. Due to excessive scratching, rubbing, and brushing your scalp can do irreversible damage to the hair follicles over time. The best way to treat this is to see a doctor for finding a suitable treatment for the condition, or else there are chances of you scratching hair away.

Who can be at risk?

Male pattern baldness can usually begin in the teenage years, but commonly occurs in adult men over the age of 30. As genetics plays a big role, men with close relatives with male pattern baldness are always at a higher risk.

What to do about baldness and hair loss?

Now that you have learned what signs to look for baldness, you can cover some of the ways so that the male pattern baldness can be stopped. You need not become stressed and or get upset about hair loss.

If there is a problem that surrounds baldness and hair loss it’s not about knowing the effective treatment plans around, but the misinformation about the condition that is spread around. People go in for homemade remedies to cure them with their baldness knowing the truth that it is not possible with that. But it does not also mean that one has to accept the fact that the hair is falling out and you cannot do anything about it. There are numerous scientifically proven treatment methods that have been acceptable by the medical community with reasonable results.

Various Techniques and Treatments for hair loss

Hairstyles: Men who suffer from limited hair loss can opt to hide hair loss with the right hairstyle. One can go in for different creative hair cuts that will make thinning of hair look much fuller.

Wigs: Wearing a wig can cover thinning of hair, complete baldness and also receding hairlines. As they come in variety of styles, colours and textures, one can choose whatever suits them and that looks similar to the original hair.

Minoxidil: Minoxidil(Rogaine), a topical medication when applied to the scalp, helps slow hair loss for some men and helps in stimulating the hair follicles to grow new hair. It takes about five months to a year to produce visible results

Hair Transplants: Hair Transplants are one of the most invasive treatments for hair loss. The methodology adopted is simple. It works by the removal of hair from areas of scalp where there is active hair growth and is transplanted to areas where there is thinning or balding areas on the scalp.

With the right Hair Transplant Clinic, you can effectively deal with hair loss.

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