Everything you need to know about hair transplants with the shortest downtime

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Everything you need to know about hair transplants with the shortest downtime

Everything you need to know about hair transplants with the shortest downtime
Everything you need to know about hair transplants with the shortest downtime

Getting a hair transplant can be a big decision. And for those who have decided to go for a Hair Transplant have a lot of doubts and questions before they go for the procedure. The basic questions could be – how much time does it take, will the procedure hurt and so forth? And the most common of all the questions enquired is how long will it take to recover from the procedure? Considering the fact that the improvement the treatment provides to make a remarkable difference to the appearance and self, it’s only natural to get this doubt.

The answer to this particular question is not as simple as to the others. To fully recover from this procedure is dependent upon several factors. Though physical recovery that involves the scalp to heal may not take much time but to feel confident enough to face others and resume normal activities all is quite dependent upon the transplant. There are different types of transplants and all give natural results and have different results as far the downtime is concerned.

Here are two popular hair transplants that have the shortest downtime

FUE hair transplant

The FUE Hair Transplant procedure is the most modern technique of hair transplantation and is more advanced in nature. This transplant method is the most popular and common in nature and has been known for providing fantastic outcome. Its popularity is due to the fact that this method involves only a single day’s procedure and it uses only short-term anesthetic, has a faster recovery and also promises a shorter downtime. Patients who undergo this method can go back to work within 1-2 days. And the process that involves extraction of donor grafts and then transplanting them may take 3 to 7 hours and it is quite dependent on the number of grafts required. The next day itself the dressing that is applied to the donor site can be easily removed. The post-surgical follow-up visit can be done after two to three days. The FUE hair transplant procedure gains its popularity for its advantage for almost no sign of post-surgical pain and discomfort.

FUT hair transplant

The FUT Hair Transplantmethod is a one- day procedure where typically it lasts for 3-8 hours, depending on the case and also the extensiveness of transplant. It causes minimum scarring and uses a slightly different method of harvesting the donor grafts, which is called strip harvesting. While in both of these methods, the recovery time and also the time that is taken for getting back to normal are quite similar to each other. By the end of the first week, you can witness very few signs that show that any surgery has been performed, although it leaves only minimal scarring. But FUT method requires slightly longer recovery period and also needs comparatively a little more surgical care. And in most cases, the patient can go back to the normal work and other activities after 2 to 3 day. But if one is not confident and is quite conscious of the new look, then they need to wait for 10-14 days.

Hair that is newly transplanted has the same growth speed and density as the existing hair. After the transplant procedure, it’s only after three to four months that new growth starts to be more visible. The only best way to go through the time after the transplantation is to spend your first week of hair transplant downtime is at home where you can get in touch with your doctor and contact him whenever required, or book a holiday for yourself and go away somewhere.

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