Eyebrow transplantation are you up for it
Eyebrow transplantation are you up for it

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Eyebrow transplantation are you up for it

Eyebrow transplantation are you up for it
Eyebrow transplantation are you up for it

Most of us must have heard about the hair transplant and that it is the surgical hair restoration for the hair on your head. But now a days the facial hair transplant is more popular and that includes moustache and beard transplant.

If you think hair transplants are just for the scalp, think again. Today many individuals are getting hair transplants for the facial hair as well. There has been a dramatic increase in the mustache, beard, and eyebrow transplant. Facial hair transplants are actually a lot more similar to scalp hair treatments, where the hair follicles get extracted from the healthy donor area and get placed in an area that lacks hair.

Although there are both men and women who are getting eyebrow hair transplants done, the majority of patients are women.

Eyebrow Transplantation- The procedure

An Eyebrow Transplant is a relatively simple process as it requires no prolonged hospital stay and only a local anesthetic.

is a relatively simple process as it requires no prolonged hospital stay and only a local anesthetic.

To obtain a natural, healthy looking eyebrow, you will on average need between 250 and 400 individual hairs per eyebrow. And depending on the size and appearance of the existing eyebrow and the way you want to look the actual number of hairs would vary. In this process, each hair needs to be transplanted that will follow the natural growth direction of the other hairs of the eyebrow and it is made sure that it lies flat against the skin. The hairs also required to be placed very tightly together so that an even and full look to the eyebrows can be achieved.

In the process, tiny needles are used by the surgeon for the transplantation so that there is no scarring for both the head and the recipients’ eyebrows while removing donor hair follicles. And it is from behind the ears, that the donor hair follicles are removed. These small needles are of just a few millimeters in diameter that are used to implant hairs that are done one at a time. This is altogether a meticulous process.

And before the actual procedure is performed there is local anesthesia given so that the patient is able to relax and also it helps in avoiding discomfort. The patient need not remain in the clinic following the transplant and can return back home so that the recovery can be as normal it has to be.

After the Eyebrow Hair Transplant

If anyone wants to achieve a well shaped and smooth eyebrow, then that requires a partial graft of about 100-200 hairs and for a full eyebrow, there are around 200-400 grafts are required.

There will a small amount of bruising and swelling that patients will experience and that too for a short period of time. But when it comes to the recovery period of the transplant it is quite fast and pain free.

If you want to see the full effects of an eyebrow graft, be it full or partial it will take some time to be visible but the results will however be permanent. There will be a lot of improvement that you find in both the shape and thickness of the eyebrow. And there will chances of these hairs to drop out within several weeks. But you need not panic when this happens, as shedding of hairs is a quite normal and is part of recovery process and new hairs will continue to grow. But to see the full results of the transplant, you need to wait up to a year or so.

You should also be aware that the implanted hairs will keep on growing so that it maintains brow shape. On a regular basis, you need to clip or trim them for around four weeks. And if left unchecked transplanted hairs will continue to grow hence it is important that you implement a regular maintenance routine.

How safe is the Eyebrow Transplantation

It is the FUE technique which is used for hair transplantation and this process is completely safe and has a perfect success rate. It is estimated that around 80% of transplanted grafts survive in the hair transplantation technique. You can expect the same happening for the eyebrow transplantation. Although the surgeons in the clinic take the maximum care and measures to protect your eyes and also help to reduce the risk of any scarring or infection, you should also take care of the surgical area after the surgery. It is a must that you keep the area clean and also protect it away from the sunlight and also other irritants. You also take care to have your prescribed medicines and apply cold compression, so that the swelling and redness can be reduced.