Foods that can lead to hair loss
Foods that can lead to hair loss

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Foods that can lead to hair loss

Foods that can lead to hair loss
Foods that can lead to hair loss

Today, one need not worry so much about hair loss as the condition is now treatable and we are continually looking out for ways to keep it at bay. When it comes to diet, there are certain foods that one can avoid which otherwise can rob the body of the much required nutrients that are needed for hair growth that is healthy.

Here are 4 types of foods that are bad for your hair

High Fat and Fried Foods

You need to avoid all foods that are fried in hydrogenated oils and are high in fat if you want to avoid hair loss. There are several studies that have linked monounsaturated and saturated fat to high levels of testosterone levels. This will lead to elevated levels of DHT that can in turn lead to Hair Loss. Hydrogenated oils are also known to affect hair growth as they suppress essential fatty acids required for healthy hair. If your diet consists of non saturated and high fats, it can also lead to coronary disease, diabetes and also obesity.

Sugar Free Foods

You may take that advice seriously of avoiding sugar for better health, but try also avoiding products that claim to be sugar free as they are not what you should be opting for. As per the FDA, a certain type of artificial sweetener in sugar free foods can really cause wreck to your body. This has been linked to arthritis, depression, bloating and also hair loss. Hence, it is better that you try to treat yourself with something in small bites that has sugar in it than choosing the other alternatives.

Foods rich in processed sugar

There are many adverse effects that processed sugar can do to the body and also can deteriorate hair quality. The high sugar intake can also increase in blood sugar that means the body produces more insulin. This could further lead to an increase in androgens or male sex hormones, which result in shrinking of hair follicles and lead to early baldness.

High glycemic foods

As high glycemic foods could easily break down into sugar, they prove to very harmful to the health and growth of the hair. If the consumption of sugar is high, it can lead to increased insulin and androgens in the body and will result in adverse effects to hair health.

It is quite clear that a poor and an unbalanced diet can affect hair growth but there is more research required before we can claim these foods to be directly linked to hair loss.

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