FUT vs FUE Which method is best
FUT vs FUE Which method is best

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FUT vs FUE Which method is best

FUT vs FUE Which method is best
FUT vs FUE Which method is best

At RootzClinic our teams of experts are proficient on both the FUT and FUE Hair Transplant and can give you detailed information on both. However, it’s very important to understand the difference between FUE and FUT Hair Transplants.

The difference between FUE and FUT

When a hair transplant is carried out by a surgeon, it is ensured that the donor’s hair is taken from the safe donor region. And for this, there are two surgical techniques available for the hair can be removed from the donor area of the patient’s scalp – Follicular unit extraction FUE and Follicular unit transplantation FUT. In the FUE transplant procedure, one by one each hair graft is removed from the donor region and it is generally removed using a punch tool. In the FUT transplant, from the donor region a thin strip of hair is removed. But whatever the transplant method is, FUT or FUE, the method used for transplanting the grafts is similar in manner.

There are many clinics out there that prefer promoting FUE over FUT Transplantation. The main reason behind this is that a small team of experts is only required to carry out FUE transplants, whereas for a FUT procedure, there is a need for a skilled and trained surgeon who can do the surgery to an acceptable standard and without any risk for the patient.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In the majority of cases for the FUE Hair Transplant,, the entire scalp needs to be shaved before the procedure. For the FUT procedure, there is only need to trim the strip of hair that has to be removed. This allows the patients undergoing the transplant to return to their normal lives more quickly and no one comes to know that he or she had a transplant.

During the FUE procedure, every second hair graft from the safe donor area can only be removed and the yields of graft are also comparatively lower. Due to this, hairs outside of this zone have to removed, that could mean as the patient ages, the transplanted hair also becomes thinner and also in course of time can be lost.

Using the FUE technique, with the hairs removed outside the donor area could also result in circular scars outside the donor region and this could also become more visible with the passage of time. And in the FUE technique, the survival rates of grafts is also lower as the efficiency and accuracy of the punch tool is also lower than of the technician who uses a microscope.

In the FUT hair transplant technique, a stitch needs to be used and there is also a need for the patient to return after ten days to remove the stitch. But when it comes to FUE hair transplant there are no stitches required.

FUT or FUE, which one to go for?

At the Rootzhair clinic we provide both FUT and FUE hair transplants and strongly believe that only after assessing the patient’s individual needs, we can advise the best method as per the individual case.

For larger hair transplants, we advise for FUT transplant as it is generally superior and FUE technique is advised for those who would like to have smaller transplant. FUE is also preferred for transplantation of scars and eyebrows.

If you have decided on a hair transplant and are still worried which one to opt for and are looking for the one that will work for you the best, give a call to RootzHair Clinic to discover the best options we have. We are here to guide and help you with the best results.