Hair care tips before and after holi
Hair care tips before and after holi

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Hair care tips before and after holi

Hair care tips before and after holi
Hair care tips before and after holi

The festival of colours Holi is round the corner. It brings lot of joy and fun but the aftermath can make you look for help as it tends to leave both your skin and hair both dry and damaged.

During Holi, your hair tends to get damaged a lot. The chemicals that are present in the colours of the Holi, if left on the scalp as it is can lead to severe itching, redness and rashes. This in turn could cause damage to the hair cuticles leading to Hair Loss. Colours can also dry up your hair as it would absorb all the moisture from the hair. Hair can also become hard, thin and often brittle and cause split ends. Hence, if you want to avoid all this problems, it is advisable that you maintain a proper hair care routine before and after Holi.

Here are few tips from us for Hair care before and after Holi.

Hair Care before Holi

Hair Massages – Before Holi, try to give your hair a good massage. This would in turn help to increase blood circulation in the scalp and also prepare your roots to get stronger.

Hot Oils – A good amount of oil if applied on hair before Holi is the best tip one can give. All you need to do is warm the oil you regularly use for your hair and rub it deep into the scalp right to the tips. This way, it will not allow the colour to stick to your hair.

Get your hair trimmed – Two or three days before Holi, it is advisable to visit the salon for a hair trim. This will help you get rid of split ends. The colours when they stick to hair will make your hair dry and make your hair to split more. Hence, it is important that you follow the hair care tips before Holi.

Hair care after playing Holi

  • After playing Holi, see that you rinse your hair with plenty of plain water so that the dry colours and tiny particles of chemicals like mica are washed away. You can then apply a mild daily use shampoo or baby shampoo. Certain homemade shampoos made out of shikakai and reetha are also good.
  • If you are used to blow drying your hair, try avoiding it for a week or few days. Drying your hair with blower can cause much damage to your hair causing it to break even more.
  • Go for a trim if you feel your hair is damaged more than you expected. If the hair ends are chopped off, it will bring in healthier growth to the hair.
  • After holi, make sure you continue a routine care for your hair so that you can reduce the damage done to your hair. Try applying oil on every alternate day. See that you don’t go for any specialized shampoo and opt for a baby shampoo to wash your hair. Also, do not expose your hair to the sun.