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Hair Transplant Procedure Step By Step
Hair Transplant Procedure Step By Step

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Hair Transplant Procedure Step By Step

Hair Transplant Procedure Step By Step
Hair Transplant Procedure Step By Step

Hair Transplant is an effective treatment of male pattern Alopecia and the most cost-effective way of doing it. The foremost advantage of this treatment is that it provides natural and permanent result and there are numerous techniques which include FUT and FUE is done by the clinics these days.

The following are the major steps of Hair Transplant

Step 1- Cleansing &Anesthesia

The scalp is first thoroughly cleaned so that there is a lower risk of infection after the hair transplant. Local anesthesia is given to numb the area from where the hair follicles have to be extracted.

Step 2 - FUE Technique

In the FUE Technique without providing a liner cut, follicles are harvested from the occipital region safe area. There is no suture required as a punch is first mounted on a machine and individual grafts are harvested.

In the FUT Method, from the backside of the head, a strip of skin with the hair follicles is removed and then the area is closed with suture.

Step 3- Graft storage is the major step in hair transplantation

Before the implantation is done, the hair follicles are stored in the graft holding solution. As there is some time between extracting grafts and then their transplantation, during this period, the grafts are safely kept in these graft holding solutions. Sometimes, normal saline is also used for keeping and storing the grafts. There are also intracellular, hypothermal, plasmolytic A that are used in the graft holding solution.

Step 4– Implantation

The surgeon uses a sharp surgical blade in the FUT or FUE procedure to make tiny incisions in the scalp so that the excised skin from the donor site can be inserted into the incisions.

While in the hairline zone there are single hair grafts used with micro irregularity for providing a natural look, behind the hairline, 3 and 4 hair grafts are given to give a good density.

The surgeon cleanses thoroughly the entire scalp and uses the semi-permeable dressing to cover the areas that have been surgically treated. The bandages get removed after a couple of days.

A Hair Transplant treatment is the most effective way of dealing with the male pattern baldness. Do your research and learn about male pattern baldness and the best treatment options that for balding so that an informed decision can be made.

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