Hair Transplant Surgery does it hurt
Hair Transplant Surgery does it hurt

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Hair Transplant Surgery does it hurt

Hair Transplant Surgery does it hurt
Hair Transplant Surgery does it hurt

At the Rootzhair clinic, our patients often enquire whether getting a hair transplantation hurts. And for us it is a tough question as every patient has a different experience, pain thresholds and the healing time too varies from one person to another. Some patients experience more pain as compared to others. And with different kind of treatment options available, the pain and discomfort also differ. In this blog, we try to understand if going through a hair transplant is really painful. But before that let’s find out what hair transplant is all about.

What is a hair transplant?

A Hair Transplant is generally a procedure where a surgeon moves hair to the bald area of the head. The surgeon will move the hair generally from the back or sides of the head and place it to the front or top of the head. Hair transplants are done under local anesthesia.

What are the different hair transplant procedures?

Before one finds out whether the whole procedure of hair transplantation is painful or not, it is better that one understands what the procedures involves. There are mainly two types of hair transplantation available at Rootzhair clinic – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

In the Follicular Unit Transplantion procedure, the surgeon removes the healthy hair follicles in small strips from the donor area and then divides into the individual hair grafts, inserting it into the affected area. As the treatment is comparatively more invasive, hence the healing and recovery will take a little longer time and it also might leave minor scarring.

In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) the surgeon extracts individual hair follicles and them inserts then into the affected area. The healing time is much faster in the FUE method and usually takes 3-7 days and leaves with no scarring.

What happens during the hair transplant procedure?

The hair clinic where you planned to get the hair transplant done will first assess your bald and will also take you through what happens through hair transplantation.

The surgeon will first thoroughly clean your scalp and use a small needle to numb the area with local anesthesia. With the help of a scalpel he removes the round section of the scalp that is covered with hair. The scalp is then closed using a sew.

The removed hair follicles are then transferred to the recipient area. And this process is done through a specialist micro surgical needle. The surgeon usually punctures the scalp area that receives the grafts and then the hair grafts are placed so that they resemble the natural and realistic hair pattern.

Once the graft is done, bandages or gauze are used to cover the scalp for few days. It takes minimum three to four hours of time for a hair transplant session.

Does the hair transplant procedure hurt?

There are lots of people who get apprehensive of the hair transplant surgery as they feel that the surgery is quite painful. At the Rootzhair Clinic, the hair transplants procedure done by us is not painful at all as our clients do not have any discomfort throughout the whole process.

At the clinic, before we start the transplant we administer local anesthesia to the area of scalp we work and this brings down and minimizes any discomfort that the patient would otherwise feel throughout the procedure. The only discomfort that one might feel is the little pain in the initial injection and the rest of the procedure will be relatively painless. We aim to provide our clients the best of service and make them as comfortable as possible during the procedure and after it.