How does smoking affect your hair loss?
How does smoking affect your hair loss?

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How does smoking affect your hair loss?

How does smoking affect your hair loss?
How does smoking affect your hair loss?

Smoking is injurious for your health. How many times have you come across this statement? Maybe a thousand or million times. But did you ever wonder that it can affect your hair growth too? Can smoking really cause harm to hair?

Although the habit has been linked to different diseases including that of heart disease, lung cancer and impotence, now research also reveals that puffing the cigarette may cause hair loss.

It is a well known fact that tobacco has numerous effects on the body. Hence, it can equally have an impact on hair and can even inhibit hair growth. And due to smoking, hair thinning and Hair Lossis not only an issue with men but also affects women who are smokers as well.

Connection between smoking and hair loss

The very theory or co relation why smoking causes hair loss lies with nicotine and carbon monoxide, substances that are found in cigarettes. These substances restrict the flow of both oxygen and blood to the hair follicles and lead to lack of nourishment to the hair and result in falling away from the scalp.

There is another theory that the long term smoking can lead to premature ageing and can accelerate the process of hair loss, which is a side effect of ageing. The same way the skin experiences early set off wrinkles and pigmentation or discoloration, premature ageing can also lead to hair thinning and finally hair falling out.

Here are few of the causes that lead to hair fall

A weak immune system

Smoking cigarettes can have an effect on your immune system and damage it. This can lead to illness or diseases leading to hair loss. There are also chances that with poor immune systems you can also have bacterial or fungal infection on the scalp, both of which prevents your follicles from producing healthy hair.

Effect on Blood Circulation

As you are aware, hair follicles require oxygen and the right minerals and nutrients to produce healthy hair. Smoking cigarette can have a serious effect on blood circulation, impeding blood flow and shrinking blood vessels. When the hair follicles do not receive the blood they require for the proper nourishment the complete growth cycle can get interrupted. And when nicotine enters the body, it can stimulate the autonomic nerves and can contract blood vessels, worsening blood flow. Vitamin components, especially vitamin C can also be destroyed and as circulation is impacted, the required amount of oxygen and nutrients do not reach the scalp.

Environment Pollution

If you are a non smoker but live in an environment where people regularly smoke, inhaling cigarette smoke can cause harm to hair follicles. Although hair loss is genetic, but as per certain study, thinning hair can be linked to environmental factors. Polluted air can always lead to genetic hair loss and the carcinogens that are present in the smoke filled air could lead to obstructing the mechanisms that produce the protein of which hair is made of.

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