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How to know if your hair loss isn’t normal and how you can stop it
How to know if your hair loss isn’t normal and how you can stop it

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How to know if your hair loss isn’t normal and how you can stop it

How to know if your hair loss isn’t normal and how you can stop it

Do you get in the shower, wash your hair and find clumps of hair in the drain? Do you experience drastic hair shedding just by rinsing off the scalp?

How much hair loss is really normal?

When you experience drastic Hair Loss, it can sometimes make you search the internet frantically for quick solutions or make you go in for a hair restoration treatment search. Before you get worried and panicky about it, isn’t it good to find out how much hair loss is normal every day?

As per several studies, if you shed 50-100 strands of hair every day, that is quite normal and there is no need for you to go in for a hair restoration treatment and there are many alternative remedies and treatments available.

You should understand that the hair grows in the main three phases – growth phase (Anagen) resting phase (Catagen) and shedding phase (Telogen). For about 2 to 4 years, the hair initially remains in the anagen phase before it gets into the resting and then shedding phase. In the resting period, there is very limited blood supply to the hair follicles and in turn, the hair becomes more delicate. And when it gets in the Telogen phase, the hair gets completely disconnected from the hair follicle and then sheds off. It later gets replaced by new hair and that too from the same hair follicle

There are different determining factors of hair follicles pattern of growth and rest and that includes genetics and age. As we grow older, hair follicles stop producing hair and it is more in the resting phase which can lead to further thinning of hair.

What are the typical signs that indicate abnormal hair loss?

One of the reasons for excessive hair shedding could be your immune system disorder. In this condition, the immune system attacks the healthy cells of the body abnormally and that includes your hair follicles too. This can result in abnormal hair loss. Also known as Alopecia Areata, it can be treated with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy that is available at Rootzhair clinic.

If it is left untreated Alopecia Areata can develop further for Alopecia Totallis and Alopecia Universalis both hair loss conditions that can lead to hair loss not only from the scalp but also from other parts of body.

An underlying medical condition that is not treated properly can also lead to abnormal hair loss. Hair shedding can also happen due to Telogen Effluvium, a hair loss condition that can happen suddenly due to trauma or stress. Telogen effluvium tends to disturb the normal hair growth cycles of hair when it moves the excessive amount of hair strands into shedding or Telogen phases that in turn can lead to a lot of hair shedding.

A healthy quantity of nutrients and minerals such as vitamins, protein, and minerals are essential for the proper growth of hair but it cannot restore the damage that is done to your hair. Hence, if you need to recover from the hair loss due to nutrient deficiency there is a need for you to go for proper hair restoration treatment.

If you are experiencing any type of hair loss, there is no need to worry about it. All you need is to talk to a dermatologist or consult a hair clinic where you can go in for a consultation so that you can get guidance for the right treatment. You can also take advice regarding the steps you need to consider reversing your hair loss condition.

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