Baldness in men when does it begin
Baldness in men when does it begin

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How to take care of your hair in summer?

Baldness in men when does it begin
Baldness in men when does it begin

A few weeks into the hottest months of the year and your well-kept hair can end up looking frizzy and fried. The scorching sun is not just harmful to your skin but your hair too. If you have colour-treated hair, it can even end up looking faded and brassy. The UV rays have been held culprit for drying out hair for quite some time now. Do you want to rescue your tresses from this torture? If yes, then read on!
1. Start with a trim
2. Build a shield against the sun
3. Take care while hitting the pool too.

Start with a trim

Refresh your style and start on a new note by cutting off at your split ends. Did you know that hair tends to grow faster in the summer? Thus, you might need to book an appointment with your hairdresser mid-season as well.

Build a shield against the sun

Here is how you can protect yourself from the steamy rays of the sun –
• Ensure that you apply a generous amount of hair care products containing UV filters. They can be in the form of gels, sprays or cream formulas.
• Cover your head with a wide-brimmed hat when you head out. It will also protect your scalp and ears and prevent skin cancer in the long term. You can also style it in several ways. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Take care while hitting the pool too.

Summer is the perfect time for taking a dip in the pool or going to the craziest pool parties. Just follow these tips, and you will enjoy great hair days too –
• Drench your hair with clean water or leave-in conditioner before taking a dip. Saturated hair is a lot less likely to absorb saltwater or pool chemicals.
• Rinse your hair after a swim. If there is no shower nearby, take a spray bottle with you filled with fresh water.

Summer doesn’t need to mean the beginning of bad hair days. Some extra TLC can help you go a long way in maintaining that voluminous mane. For any additional help, you know that you can reach out to Rootz at any time.