At Rootzhair clinic, our clients who have undergone hair transplant surgery or want to undergo the surgery would like to know how to care for the hair after the hair transplant. In this blog, we provide you with few tips on aftercare.

Hair Cuts

After a hair transplant, you need to wait for two or three weeks before getting your hair trimmed and if you want to cut your hair very short, you have to wait for a longer time. When your hair finally grows, you can get it trimmed and also change your hair style the way you want.

Hair Styles

It will take many months before the new hair starts growing, and you may want the need to change the style of your hair. You need to always check with your hair clinic if you can use any of the hair products like hairspray, gel to hold your hair.

Drying your hair

It is advisable that after the Hair Transplant you let your hair dry naturally in the first week and avoid the hair dryer. As the graft area after surgery is still numb, you won’t get to know whether the heat applied is too hot on your scalp. But if you want to start using hair dryer again, try to use it on a low setting only. As many people opt for hair transplant as they want to create a new look, drying the hair can also lead to problems when it comes to healing process. You can ask the hair clinic where you get the transplant done, for hair care advice. Most of the surgeons will advise you to wait for three to four weeks before you dry your hair. The reason being the hair follicles that are transplanted are more sensitive and could react in some unexpected ways to the chemicals that are found in products and dyes.


You may be advised not to use any shampoo for your hair immediately after your surgery. At least for two to three days, your surgeon may advice you to not to shampoo. The reason is due to the fact that even if the shampoo is very gentle, it can still irritate your scalp and grafts. And as you would like to speed up the healing process, you wouldn’t risk it. Even if your surgeon asks you to shampoo your hair, you a very mild shampoo for the first three weeks.

And if you choose RootzHair Clinic for your hair transplant surgery, our professional team is always ready to help you with all the information about the aftercare to you. We also help you with aftercare and also make sure that the new hair is growing in the best condition.

Rootzhair offers you a consultation where the specialists can confirm whether your hair loss is caused by a deficiency or something else. We also offer you personalized advice on how best you can restore your hair or the treatment that is suitable for you.

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