Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a popular and effective treatment for hair loss. But then the outcome of it although is impressive may not be immediate. And our clients at Rootzhair clinic who want to undergo this treatment want to familiarize themselves with the various stages that the hair need to go through before the final effect can be achieved. They also insist to know if FUE is an effective solution for hair loss.

In this blog we explore the various stages of FUE transplant and how effective the FUE transplantation is for hair loss.

What is FUE transplant?

FUE is a hair transplant treatment that usually involves harvesting up to 2000 to 3000 individual donor hair follicles from one area of head and then it gets transplanted to the bald area of thinning area of the head. This helps creates a new hairline and eventually, there is a full hair regrowth. The whole procedure usually takes one day.  The FUE transplant has various advantages and one of the most important one in the procedure is that as the follicles are extracted individually, there are chances of less scarring in the donor area.  And it also provides the option of how short the hair can be cut in the future. Finally, it gives the individual who has opted for this kind of transplant a more cosmetically pleasing appearance.

Difference between FUE and FUT

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are basically two primary methods that are used for harvesting hair follicles for a hair transplant.  Both the methods although produces a similar result but there are few differences. In FUE, small units of one to three hairs are extracted from the scalp by using a medical device. After extracting the hairs, they are then transplanted onto the top of the head. A new hairline is restored or extra thickness is provided by this procedure.

The main advantage of FUE transplantation is that it does not end up producing a large scar. But it tends to create hundreds of tiny scars that are quite less visible after the healing. This is especially for people who have light hair and are not able to completely cover a traditional hair transplant scar.

When we consider FUT, it involves removing a strip of skin that is from the back of the scalp.  Hairs get extracted from this strip in groups of one to four. Once the hair follicles are extracted, the surgeon transplants the hairs on the top of the scalp so that the hairline gets completely filled. The main advantage of FUT remains that they have a slightly higher success rate than those hairs that are transplanted using the FUE method. But the disadvantage with FUT is that it creates and leaves a larger scar on the back of the scalp and is prominently visible with some shaved or short haircuts.

How long is the procedure?

For undergoing a FUE hair transplant, it can be either one long session or there could be smaller sessions. The length of time of this procedure can always vary and it is also dependent on how many grafts are required. A small procedure where only 100 to 200 grafts are required will be completed in a couple of hours whereas a larger procedure of around 2000 to 3000 grafts requires a session that would stretch for two or three days.  And this particular treatment is more time consuming than any strip surgery. And it does not leave any typical scars that strip surgery does. 

How long does it take one to recover?

FUE hair transplantation usually does not require larger areas of scalp to be harvested as there is also no linear incision on the back of the head. It also does not leave a linear scar. One does not feel any post surgical pain and discomfort and the recovery time is less than a week.

Procedure of FUE DGI at Rootz
  • The first step involves getting the hair is trimmed
  • Once the hair is trimmed local anesthesia is given to the patient.
  • Doctor extracts bunches of hair roots 500 at a time using a right tool.
  • Once desired follicles are extracted the procedure of implanting it directly to the bald area begins.
  • Once the procedure of placing right amount of follicles over the bald patches finishes the procedure is completed.
  • Later this tiny little implanted hair falls out to gain natural hair growth.
Why Rootz for FUE?

RootzHair Clinic is definitely a chosen destination for FUE Hair Transplant technique because it is the only center for hair surgery that uses advance DGI technique for its hair procedures. Direct graft Implant of Rootz has successfully brought a change in the way results of FUE is being seen because its results are highly advanced and above satisfaction. Some of the reasons why Rootz is a chosen alternative for best hair transplant results are:

  • Rootz Clinic makes ensure patient’s maximum comfort by targeting maximum output.
  • It wisely minimizes the follicle wastage which ensures extracting hair follicle safely without any damage.
  • FUE hair transplant cost is comparatively very less at Rootz.
  • DGI is an advanced procedure that allows extraction of five hundred follicule to be uprooted in a single session.

Rootzhair offers you a consultation where the specialists can confirm whether your hair loss is caused by a deficiency or something else. We also offer you personalized advice on how best you can restore your hair or the treatment that is suitable for you.

Book a consultation with RootzHair Clinic and find out the best solution for your hair loss condition.

RootzHair, one of the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad is famous for performing hair transplantation surgery for patients who experience hair loss for various causes – hormonal issues to pattern baldness. Doctors at this clinic use the latest of technology for hair restoration and among the various methods, including microscopic follicular unit grafting. The clinics are present in other cities too – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore, Karnataka. Delivering the best hair solutions with the latest techniques or options for hair restorations, the Trichologists have to its credit over 900+ hair transplants and the clinic has implanted 2,200+ hair replacements systems and performed more than 3,000 PRP procedures.

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