Itchy Scalp? Dont Scratch! Use these insightful remedies to treat itchy scalp
Itchy Scalp? Dont Scratch! Use these insightful remedies to treat itchy scalp

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Itchy Scalp? Dont Scratch! Use these insightful remedies to treat itchy scalp

Itchy Scalp? Dont Scratch! Use these insightful remedies to treat itchy scalp
Itchy Scalp? Dont Scratch! Use these insightful remedies to treat itchy scalp

Does an itchy scalp make you scratch your head constantly? Then don’t ignore it. What you may dismiss as a minor annoyance, could be an early indicator of something more serious.

Although persistent itchiness, redness and tenderness are all similar symptoms of an itchy scalp, there are many causes to it. With time, few of the causes of an itchy scalp may fade away but there are those that lead to significant consequence, one of them – Hair Loss.

In this blog we take a look at few causes of an itchy scalp and various remedies to it.



The itchiness and flaking that is associated with dandruff happen with the body’s inflammatory response to the overgrowth of yeast present. Although yeast is normally found on the scalp and the other areas of body where you have hair, when there is more yeast present, this particular problem happens.

Remedy: If it is a mild case of dandruff, shampoos containing ingredients like zinc pyrithione or selenium can help control yeast. If it is more serious, one may need an antifungal shampoo, topical cortisone or medicated solution or cream that has been prescribed by a dermatologist.


If you have observed some reddish and scaly patches on your skin or scalp, it could be psoriasis, a skin disorder caused due to the overactive immune system. Although there are not much studies or information regarding what causes this skin condition, it is believed that it is a result of several factors that may include the immune system. The immune system tends to be overactive if you have psoriasis. This in turn creates inflammation inside the body, later leading to symptoms that you see on the skin.

Remedies: Certain over the counter shampoos that contain salicylic acid and coal tar could control psoriasis There are some other treatments also like light therapy, oral medicines including biologics, steroid creams etc., which are used to treat psoriasis. If all these don’t work it is better you consult a dermatologist.

Head Lice

If you think only school children can get head lice, then think again. Almost anyone can get head lice and they can invade anyone’s scalp. It’s the clean hair that the lice prefer, hence if you have head lice, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t maintained clean hair.

Remedy: Head lice can be treated with the over the counter shampoos and you should follow the instructions strictly as these particular shampoos only work if you use them as per the directions written on it.

When to really worry about an itchy scalp?

If you have tried all the remedies and made the lifestyle changes and still your itchy scalp is not disappearing, it is time to get in touch with hair care professionals. You can suffer dramatic Hair Loss in the long run if you leave an itchy scalp untreated and unchecked.

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