Losing Hair? Might Be Male Pattern Baldness
Losing Hair? Might Be Male Pattern Baldness

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Losing Hair? Might Be Male Pattern Baldness

Losing Hair? Might Be Male Pattern Baldness
Losing Hair? Might Be Male Pattern Baldness

Being a man, one of the most important and unmissable aesthetic features of your face is your hair, for which you proudly accept compliments, admiration and questions of how to achieve the level of gorgeousness you have achieved (we know it’s not just women who do that!).

But it is only to your disappointment, because you alone know how you are losing your treasure with every passing day, to the dreadful male pattern balding!

This blog will help you understand causes of Hair Loss due to male pattern balding, we suggest and insist that you read on if you think you suffer from it and need help.

Wondering what is male pattern balding?

Also known as androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness is a condition that makes the hair follicles on your scalp, extra-sensitive to circulate the male hormones called androgens. The sensitivity makes your hair follicles grow progressively shorter resulting in growth of finer hair as you get older. This is a genetic condition that you inherit from your parents 95% of the time. The condition is characterised by gradual thinning of hair especially on top of your head, and a prominent receding hairline.

Can there be other causes of hair loss too?

There can be multiple reasons for your hair loss, you might lose hair due to inherited medical conditions or the condition of the hair, or due to hormonal changes, anxiety or stress.

Is there a treatment for male pattern balding?

Most often the condition occurs in men of over 50 years of age, and they do not prefer seeking treatment as losing hair is part of glorious aging. But for others, who are younger and lose their confidence with their hair, there are treatments for male pattern balding available, which must be discussed well about, with the concerned doctors for good and long lasting results.

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