Scalp micro pigmentation why it could be the right choice for you
Scalp micro pigmentation why it could be the right choice for you

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Scalp micro pigmentation why it could be the right choice for you

Scalp micro pigmentation why it could be the right choice for you
Scalp micro pigmentation why it could be the right choice for you

Scalp micro pigmentation is a technique where a doctor tends to create series of little dots on the scalp. In this technique a non toxic and natural ink is used to create these dots. The placement of ink is in such a manner that it is in between the natural hair to create a look of density. This treatment can also be used to fill in bald spots too. Scalp micro pigmentation is like getting tattoo on your head so that an illusion of hair is created. Although it is popularly used for hair on the scalp, but can be used on any other part of the body.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation has several benefits and that is why it is extremely popular. And the main advantage with it is that it is completely non invasive and extremely cost effective procedure. The technique also provides and ensures results with immediate effect. It is even realistic too. But it is quite important to be aware that like any other tattoo, its effect will also fade with time. This would also mean that after a period of time, you have to go for revision sessions. Scalp micro pigmentation is good for all stages and types of hair loss and it does not have the restrictions of skin color, age or skin type.

Who is the right candidate for scalp micro pigmentation?

  1. Both men and women who want their appearance to add hair density
  2. People who suffer from Alopecia
  3. Those who are non candidates for hair transplantation
  4. People who have their heads shaved and they desire hairline definition
  5. People who are not good candidates for hair transplantation
  6. If one wants better facial hair like beard, eyebrows and moustache
  7. If one wants to cover the scars that is from trauma or surgery

What are the major benefits for scalp micro pigmentation?

No Risk

The major advantage of scalp micro pigmentation is that you do not have the risk of infection and there is no pain due to the local anesthesia. And there is no specific waiting period for the grafts to mature and also grow in.

Faster Healing Time

When it comes to scalp micro pigmentation it provides a faster healing time that usually lasts from 2 to 4 days. Patients can return to their normal activities within 2 days. The color used for pigmentation can also be altered depending upon the client’s needs and desires.

Cost- Effective

As compared to hair transplantation, scalp micro pigmentation will cost you very less. It may be 1/3 less than the surgical hair transplantation. And if you wish to undergo scalp micro pigmentation, there is also no need to use medications.

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