Should you undergo Single session or Multi session Hair Transplant
Should you undergo Single session or Multi session Hair Transplant

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Should you undergo Single session or Multi session Hair Transplant

Should you undergo Single session or Multi session Hair Transplant
Should you undergo Single session or Multi session Hair Transplant

Extensive Hair Loss can make one extremely worried about it and when opting for hair transplant, there are so many things to be considered. One of the first things that one might wonder is about the sessions required for the hair transplant. As the sessions are dependent on many factors, it is very much possible to complete a transplant in a single session with a large area of scalp covered or multiple sessions can be done with smaller areas covered. Whether it is single or multiple sessions, it has got its own advantages and disadvantages.

In this blog we discover the various advantages and disadvantages of the single sessions and multiple sessions in Hair Transplant.

Advantages of a single session

  • In a single session, the surgeon tries to cover as much region as possible.
  • The person needs to invest very less time from his office as more zones are secured in the first session.
  • As lesser sessions are required, the measure of finance needed is also less, assuming that there will be a better price for more sessions.


  • In the single session, as there is an attempt to cover more area, there is expected to more be strain on the individual who undergoes the process. The individual also needs to spend a day or two at the hair clinic.
  • As the individual who undergoes the process may feel strained, equal amount of pressure and strain is undergone by the surgeon and the team. Due to this, there is always the chance of the outcomes being compromised in the end.
  • Sometimes, in the larger sessions, there are the chances of the donor region going out of the safe zone, meaning grafts are expected to die off over time leading to a hair transplant disaster.
  • The larger and multiple sessions also need a more experienced surgeon with more members in the team for supporting the surgeon during the procedure.
  • In the case of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) process, the scar will be longer than a smaller FUE session.

Advantages of multiple sessions

  • If the surgeon comes to the conclusion that the entire scalp is covered through various sessions, there will be no surge. This means that the surgeon has the capacity to do the process at an agreeable price and there will be good results guaranteed.
  • As the surgeon is able to concentrate on fixing a hair loss area to provide a denser look, the overall density of the hair will be much improved.

Disadvantages of Multiple sessions

  • The initial sessions will have the ideal density one is looking for, but in the subsequent sessions, there will be a situation where there won’t be enough hair to create the adequate density.
  • As larger numbers of grafts are used in the multiple sessions, the graft elevation leads to drying out of grafts.
  • Due to the number of sessions being more, there is always the chance that the overharvesting of the donor area in one session by the other surgeon. This could lead to insufficient hair for the following sessions.
  • The multiple and larger sessions also need a more experienced surgeon and also more team members to support the surgeon for the procedure. One of the reasons why most of the surgeons avoid the multiple sessions.
  • There are both advantages and disadvantages to single and multiple sessions of hair transplantation. The best person who can decide what procedure you should opt is the surgeon at the clinic, who can assess your condition and suggest the one that is suitable for you.

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