Sudden hair loss:How can it be treated?
Sudden hair loss:How can it be treated?

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Sudden hair loss:How can it be treated?

Sudden hair loss:How can it be treated?
Sudden hair loss:How can it be treated?

Hair Loss can be quite disheartening and frustrating. As per research, the last few years have witnessed an increasing number of hair loss sufferers. When it comes to women, more than 35 percent of them witness hair thinning or hair loss issues when they reach the age of 40 and for 50% of the men hair loss issues also starts at the same age.

Losing around 80-100 hair strands is considered quite normal as it is the part of the natural growth cycle of hair where the hair stays in the growth phase for years, before they fall out. And this way, older hair gets replaced by new and healthy strands of hair. Hence, the normal hair fall does not tend to disturb the density of the hair.

But then if you lose more than the usual count of hair mentioned in a day, then you should be concerned about it as it is serious hair loss condition that is causing to lose unusual amount of hairs.

In this blog, we look at the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and sudden Hair Loss Treatment including dietary changes that may help.

What are the causes of sudden hair loss?

There are various causes for sudden hair loss and it can come from traumatic or stressful event or a formalized hair loss condition. There are some other triggers that lead to sudden hair loss condition and some of the causes are hormonal imbalance, Telogen Effluvium, thyroid gland problems, nutritional deficiencies and stress.

What is Telogen Effluvium?

As per dermatologists, Telogen Effluvium is the second most common form of hair loss. It usually happens when there is a change in the number of hair follicles that grows hair. And the lowering of the number during the resting phase of growth, there is a tendency of more dormant hair follicles being present. This ultimately results in TE hair loss. But this condition is not permanent.


The main symptom of Telogen effluvium is that it first appears as thinning of the scalp and there will be one area where the thinning will be more or it can cover the whole scalp. You may notice more hair than usual falling out when you brush your hair or wash your hair. There will be more hair in the drain or on the pillow.


  • Unhealthy and poor diet: The hair requires certain key nutrients including iron, B-vitamins, protein and zinc to grow. Deficiency of these nutrients may have affect on the quantity and quality of a person’s hair.
  • Hormones: If you are experiencing sudden change in hormone levels it can also trigger TE hair loss. The fluctuation of hormones can also make hair follicles to go into a resting state. If it happens during pregnancy then hair growth is restored within six months to a year after childbirth. The hormonal changes that one undergoes during menopause may also cause Telogen effluvium.
  • Stress: If one is undergoing prolonged periods of stress both physical and mental, it can result in Telogen effluvium. It can happen about 3 months after the stressful event. But if one can control stress then the hair can return to normal and this type of TE clears up in less than six months.
  • Certain Medications& Drugs: Hair loss can be caused by some medications like antihypertensive, antidepressants and also oral contraceptives. If one has started a new medication before the hair loss, it is good to speak to your doctor. The doctor can help assess the symptoms and also recommend a different medication.
  • Certain vaccinations or surgeries can also cause a shock to your system and hair follicles can go into the resting stage. But within few months hair growth can return to normal.

  • Health conditions: Hair loss can be due to some underlying health conditions that include autoimmune disease and also conditions that affect the thyroid gland.


An examination of the hair and scalp and the medical history is helpful in diagnosing Telogen effluvium in most of the cases. And there will be more visible thinning patches if there has been hair loss for several months but sometimes the hair loss may not be so dramatic for the doctor to notice. The hair also will look like hairs that are in the Telogen phase as they will have a white bulb at the end that was in the scalp.


For treating any kind of hair loss condition, it is best to deal with what triggers the condition in the first place. And when it comes to Telogen Effluvium, the triggers like dietary deficiencies, medical illness and other triggers can be resolved by addressing them and also through hair restoration treatment.

Platelet – Rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), a non invasive hair loss therapy is the best solution for Telogen effluvium condition. Basically, it is a non surgical therapy that is also used as a supportive treatment along with a hair transplant procedure so that it can boost up the outcome of the Hair Transplant. Being a non-chemical, non surgical method, it is entirely natural in approach to treating hair loss. In the PRP treatment, a patient’s own blood is withdrawn and processed to only the enriched cells (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) which are further injected into the patient’s bald area of the scalp. PRP also contains proteins that are helpful in stimulating natural hair growth.
The success rate of PRP treatment largely depends upon the cause of the hair loss that the system of PRP is used. There are more than seven types of PRP systems and there are some that work better than others for hair loss or thinning of hair. The outcome of the treatment lasts for years and is quite dependent upon the individual health condition. As it is non- surgical procedure and the process has the patient’s own blood that is used for therapy, PRP is always considered safe and also an effective treatment for both men as well as women.

Cost of PRP Hair Treatment

The treatment cost for PRP is pocket friendly and it varies from clinic to clinic and also is based on how injections are used. It is also dependent on the number of sessions, the facilities available and also the quality of treatment. The cost can range from Rs 2500 to Rs 11,000 per session.

Why Rootz Hair Clinic is best for PRP Treatment?

Rootz Hair Clinic has always been quite popular for PRP treatment to resolve and cure all types of hair loss. At Rootz, extreme care is taken while performing the PRP procedure and is performed by trained specialists, skilled in performing this particular procedure. The specialists process the extracted blood before it is injected to the scalp in the right measure and also in the right place. This provides the best results to the patients.

Here are few of the reasons to choose Rootz for PRP

  • PRP treatment is performed by specialists and with utmost care.
  • We take all measures to see that the patient discomfort during and after the procedure is minimal.
  • Each step in PRP is performed following proper safety protocols.
  • The cost of PRP treatment at Rootz Hair Clinic is reasonable and offers value for money.

Rootzhair is one of the Best Hair Transplant clinics in Hyderabad, famous for performing surgical and non surgical hair loss treatment for patients who experience hair loss for various causes. Doctors at the clinic use the latest technology for hair restoration. The clinics are also present in other cities – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore, Karnataka. Delivering the best hair solutions with the latest techniques or options for hair restorations, the trichologists at the clinic have to their credit over 900+ hair transplants and the clinic has implanted 2, 200 + hair replacements systems and performed more than 3,000 PRP procedures.

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