Taking care of your transplanted new hair in the summer
Taking care of your transplanted new hair in the summer

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Taking care of your transplanted new hair in the summer

Taking care of your transplanted new hair in the summer
Taking care of your transplanted new hair in the summer

Have you had a hair transplant recently, and then you must take care of the growing hair. Once the hair transplant treatment is over, you will be happy about the experience and the outcome. But the major part of the hair transplant treatment is to take care of it after that and that too in summers.

In this blog, we provide you few tips on how to take care of your new transplanted hair in the summer.

Do Not Moisturize Your Scalp

Once the complete hair transplant treatment is over, see that you do not moisturize your scalp. This will give your scalp a chance to heal properly and also it will help in preventing any bacteria from being absorbed. And once you have gone through the complete check up at the clinic, you can start moisturizing the scalp daily. This will help you aid in healthy hair growth and also prevent the skin from drying out. The new hair, after about two weeks, will have early signs of growth and then you can completely stop moisturizing.

Avoid exposing to chlorine

You may love to take a dip or swim in the hot summer, but you should also remember that these can have damaging effects on the hair. Too much exposure to chlorine can also have build up of hypocholorous acid which can penetrate and destroy cells. Although the chlorine in swimming pools tends to be low in concentration, it can dry up your hair. It can make your hair more porous and it can lead to absorption of more chemicals than normal making your hair damaged. But if you really want to take a swim in the swimming pool, try avoiding putting your head under the water. You can also wet your hair with fresh water before you take a dip into the swimming pool.

Avoid going out in the Sun

If your Hair Transplant Treatment is not fully healed, the heat in the summer can disturb it. Hence you should try going outside as much as possible as the sunlight could lead to negative effects on implanted hair follicles. You should also avoid the heat to prevent sweating as it could lead to an infection. Our doctors at the Rootzhair Clinic can give you expert advice on how to best manage your hair in the summer.

Avoid getting your scalp sunburned

Your scalp tends to get hypersensitive after the surgery and when exposed to the sun, it may increase the risk of sunburn. If your scalp is sunburned, then it can increase the chances of your graft getting damaged. Few of the patients also complaint about the pigmentation on the skin as the result of exposure to sun. If you want to prevent this then all you have to do is to cover your scalp with a cloth or scarf whenever you out in the sun.

Avoid blow drying your hair

After the Hair Transplant Treatment is over, your doctor will ask you start washing and shampooing your hair normally. But you should be careful and it is recommended that you do not blow dry your hair for few weeks. You can let your hair dry naturally to prevent damaging the hair implants.


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