Hair loss is a harsh reality people have faced since time immemorial with no permanent solution to it. It’s only recently that effective hair restoration practices have become popular and accepted.

Popular among of all the surgeries is the FUE Hair Transplant  procedure. FUE is basically a non invasive surgical procedure where the individual follicular units from the donor area is extracted and implanted into the zone of hair loss.

Known to be quite safe, the hair restoration technique reverses hair loss. But before you consider going in for FUE, there are few things you should know before the hair transplant.

Six important things one should consider before FUE hair transplant
Right time for surgery

If you are planning to get the FUE hair transplant at a young age before you are 30, it may not be wise as you may continue to lose hair after the procedure and you might end up with more surgeries. You should discuss this with the people or surgeon at the clinic to know the right time to get the right transplant.

Right place for the procedure

Most of the people who want to get the FUE Hair transplant choose a clinic in their town or city as they need to visit the clinic for consultation couple of times during the recovery period as well. But for the best results its better you choose a clinic that is professional and has all the facilities, be it in a neighboring city or country for getting all the benefits.

Choosing the surgeon

It all depends upon the experience and surgical skills of the person performing surgery how the outcome of your hair transplant surgery is. Hence, you should never compromise on the experience of the surgeon. You should choose a surgeon who is specialized in hair restoration, is well established and has several years of performing FUE hair transplants. Meet few of them and schedule consultations for better understanding and choose the best.

Cost of Procedure

Cost is an important factor when deciding upon the surgery, regardless of the hair transplant technique you are opting for. Do your research well and compare the costs of the top clinics. You can also visit the clinics if it is possible so that you have a good idea of what you should be paying for the services they claim for.

Risk Factors

FUE is a very safe procedure but like any other surgeries, it may involve some risks and complications. It is very important that you are aware of the possible side effects. Common side effects of the surgery include swelling, bleeding and numbness of scalp but all these are temporary and should subside in a few weeks time.

Once the FUE hair transplant has been carried out, it shouldn’t end with it. A good clinic will always provide with post operative instructions that you need to follow carefully for the best results. Here are few of them

  • For the first 10-15 days, you need to wash your scalp with a mild shampoo
  • Avoid using any chemicals, dyes or coloring agents
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 3 to 4 weeks

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