Transplanting Hairs to Increase Density: is it effective?
Transplanting Hairs to Increase Density: is it effective?

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Transplanting Hairs to Increase Density: is it effective?

Transplanting Hairs to Increase Density: is it effective?
Transplanting Hairs to Increase Density: is it effective?

Hair Loss is a very common problem found among both men and women and in most of the cases it also leads to baldness. Hair transplant considered to be the best and lasting treatment option for baldness is now becoming popular for improving the density of hair. Although it improves the density of hair but sometimes the results vary due to dependency on different issues.

In this blog we look at the Hair Transplant Procedure and find out how it helps in improving the density of hair.

In the hair transplant procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the area of scalp, where there is denser hair and then it is transplanted to the bald area. In most of the cases, they are taken from back of the scalp or from the sides.

Nowadays, grafts are able to be placed close together than it was done before. The grafts can be placed in several densities that range between 20 follicular units per centimeter square to 60 follicular units per centimeter square. When the grafts are transplanted closer together, it can increase the density to a significant level. But in some cases, follicular grafts when placed quite closer can affect the growth rate. The suitable density of grafts can be placed by an experienced hair transplant surgeon only.

The Dense Pack Technique

Dense packing is the use of more follicular grafts than the usual ones during a hair transplant procedure. By using more grafts, it can increase the density of hair along the hairline.

In a hair transplant procedure, the dense pack technique has a highly skilled surgeon placing hair follicles ranging 30 to 60 per square centimeter. Density is also determined by the hair colour, diameter of the hair shaft, hair style – curly or non curly and colour of the skin. As micro incisions are used to increase the density of follicular placement, the side effect of scarring is virtually invisible for both the donor area on the scalp and the recipient.

As we look at someone’s face, the area of hair is clearly visible in the frontal scalp and the hairline. This is the result of the professionally done hair transplantation that results in hairlines that contain appropriate density of hairs and also the carefully placed hair is the same way they would have grown in the area. But cases where the large grafts that have too many hair follicles are placed far apart, the whole look appears to be like spread rows of unnatural hair.

Who are the ideal candidates for dense packing technique

People with unique issues with hair loss, hair thinning or the ones who have hair type that cannot be addressed properly through a hair traditional hair restoration procedure are all ideal candidates of hair dense packing technique.

Hair transplant is an excellent way to treat baldness but while considering the procedure for improvement to the density of hair, sometimes the results may vary. To achieve natural density in the hairline, that is also believable in the hairline and at the crown of the head, one may need thousands of hairs to achieve the fullness.

When it comes to men, the areas that are at the back of the scalp and the sides are the stable sites and hair follicles generally do not affect in these areas even if hair thinning is happening in rest of the scalp. This helps in hair transplantation if they want to improve the density of hair. The results at times can vary as it depends upon the factors associated with the procedure.

For women who seek density of hair, the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method of hair transplant is now quite popular as it helps the hair transplant surgeon to add density to only those areas they need, at the hair parting or at the top of the head. As women experience hair thinning in these areas only after middle age and influenced by genetic factors, by increasing the follicle density can help in providing a more healthy and youthful appearance.

Is dense packing technique right for me?

If you want to know more about hair transplantation and how to get the density of hair that you need, a personal consultation is the best way to find out your needs and what Rootzhair hair transplant can help you with. When you come to our clinic and discuss with our technicians your options and expectations, you can know more about the possible density of hair follicle placement that is done through the latest methods of hair transplant at our clinic.