What can a woman do to avoid Hair Loss
What can a woman do to avoid Hair Loss

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What can a woman do to avoid Hair Loss

What can a woman do to avoid Hair Loss
What can a woman do to avoid Hair Loss

For many women, losing hair would mean losing self – confidence. And with the social stigma attached to going bald, Hair Losscan seriously affect how a woman perceives herself. There are also emotional trials and tribulations when this happens. As per research, 1 in 3 women suffer from hair thinning and hair loss at some point in their life. Hence it means if you are losing strands of hair, it’s nothing to worry about as there are lot of remedies and treatments available for hair loss. However here are few things you should know about hair loss and also certain tips to avoid hair loss.

Hair follicles go through a cycle of growth, transition and rest. And every strand of the hair usually has a life of between two and five years. Both these circumstances and certain life style factors can lead your hair into the rest cycle, where it tends to fall out. This is called telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium can be usually a symptom of stress, or it can be a side effect of medication, can happen after pregnancy or an outcome of an underlying health condition. In case, you have hair loss that is leading to bald spots, patchiness or there are large clumps of hair that is coming out, it’s advisable to see physician or a dermatologist so that they diagnose your condition

If you are losing your hair as a result of something chronic or short term health condition, there are certain things that you can do to prevent hair loss. Following are few tips to keep your hair healthy and strong and avoid further hair loss.

Avoid hairstyles that are too tight and pulls your hair

If you like those tight ponytails or braids that add style, then try avoiding them. Hairstyles that pull on the hair that makes up the hairline can cause Hair Loss. Tight hairstyles can create stress and pull strongly on the delicate hairs are that present on your hairlines and thus hair thinning or hair loss can happen.

Use a mild shampoo that suits your hair

Shampoo should clean the dirt in your hair and wash away the excess oil. But many shampoos contain harsh chemicals that are not suitable for your hair. It can do more harm the hair, stripping away the natural oil that gives your hair the strength. You should always read the ingredients that are written on the shampoo bottle and try to use those that have natural ingredients. If you have excess hair loss, try switching up the products.

Use a soft brush

To promote healthy oil levels on your hair, you should use a soft brush with fibers. As the keratin proteins in the hair are stacked evenly, brushing them in one direction, starting at the top and then continuing through the ends will condition your hair cuticles. Daily brushing with a brush that has soft bristles helps you avoid hair loss.

Avoid styling tools that use high-heat

Too much heat cannot be borne by your hair. It can make the hair strands to become brittle and thus break and fall. Hence, if you use heat styling tools to style your hair it can leave hair follicles dehydrated and could damage it permanently. Over time, the hair styling products that use high heat like heat dryers, curling irons, hair strengtheners can bring a lot of damage to your hair.

Don’t use any chemicals for hair treatments

The salon you visit may offer a variety of chemical processing treatments for your hair, but remember they are all very harmful. When the hair is chemically straightened or bleached, it can weaken the hair and cause hair loss. You should try to stick to normal hair styles whenever possible if you are experiencing hair thinning or else the problem can get worse.

Include foods high in vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

Foods that are high in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and vitamin B12 can help you revitalizing hair thinning strands. You need to make sure that your daily diet has plenty of nuts, green leafy vegetables, beans, fish and also lean meats. And if you think it is not possible for you to get enough nutrients in your daily diet, you could take a dietary supplement that will cover and compensate whatever your diet lacks.

When should one see a doctor?

If your hair loss goes beyond the normal hair shedding or if it is just a temporary telogen effluvium, then you need to see a doctor. Hair that is growing in patches, or is coming out in clumps could be all serious symptoms of an underlying health condition. You need to speak to a dermatologist and describe your symptoms so that you will be guided properly.

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