Why more men are turning toward hair transplant
Why more men are turning toward hair transplant

Posted By : Rootzhair Admin Posted Date : 03-Sep-2018 Blog Category : Blog Posts

Why more men are turning toward hair transplant

Why more men are turning toward hair transplant
Why more men are turning toward hair transplant

Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in number of men turning to hair transplant surgery to overcome baldness and restore thinning hairline. There are more men opting for hair transplant to combat hair loss and hair thinning problems.

One of the main factors that have driven the growth in popularity for Hair Transplantation is the improvements in the technology that has happened over the last decade.

At Rootzhair Clinic, around 70% of patients have opted for more modern FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique. And these days, performing a hair transplant has become easier and smoother than before. The latest hair transplantation and techniques allow surgeons to transplant maximum number of available graft without causing much discomfort and pain.

Apart from advanced technologies that have made hair transplant popular, there are other advantages of a hair transplant that is making more men towards it and here are few of them.

Provides natural look

Hair restoration techniques used in hair transplantation procedures, where the newly transplanted hair gets artistically complements the natural growth of patient’s hairline and facial features. This helps in giving the patient natural looking results. This method also helps in an easy transition as the original hairline, thus providing results that completely look natural.


Hair transplantation is accepted widely as the most effective treatment for restoring hair as it provides a permanent solution for hair loss. In a hair transplantation procedure, a physician moves the healthy hair follicles from one location and relocates it to an area of the head that is bald. Each hair follicle that is extracted from the donor area is transplanted into the scalp in the recipient area that matches with the patient’s previous hair growth pattern, where new hair is expected to grow in the normal way.

Minimal Downtime

The FUE hair transplant procedures are quite popular as it requires minimal downtime for the patient. Although the FUE transplantation can take a lot of time, after the surgery the patient can resume his work normally and start to grow his or her own hair. There is no scar, no trauma or stitching involved in it. Once the hair starts growing in the new location, it’s not easy to detect where it came from.

Safe, cheaper and pain free

In the olden days, one could easily find out if they had a transplantation done. But these days, with the help of new technologies the results are quite impeccable and it’s quite cost effective too. The procedures are also safe and most of them pain-free.

Makes one look younger

Having denser hair makes one look younger as partial baldness or a receding hairline makes one look much older. A hair transplant helps in making one look younger and inspires to lead a healthier lifestyle.