Why More Women suffer from hair loss as Compared to Men
Why More Women suffer from hair loss as Compared to Men

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Why More Women suffer from hair loss as Compared to Men

Why More Women suffer from hair loss as Compared to Men
Why More Women suffer from hair loss as Compared to Men

Losing one’s crowning glory can be very difficult to accept, especially for women. And if you are a young woman it becomes even more vulnerable as it can badly affect your self confidence. There is also a social stigma attached to going bald as Hair Loss can affect how women perceive themselves and are often emotional as compared to men.

Hair loss was always thought to be men’s problem only but now the trend is slowly changing as there are more women reportedly suffering from hair loss. There has been a steady increase in the rate of the women who have had hair loss issues and they have been wondering the many causes for experiencing such drastic hair loss.

Following are few factors why women are more prone to hair loss as compared to men.

  • Different Hairstyles – Women who tie their hair into a tight ponytail can lose hair easily and so does wearing hats, scarves and bandanas, which can pull on hair and lead to hair loss due a process called traction alopecia. The constant and gradual tension that the scalp goes through can trigger hair to fall out. One should keep away from long term use of tight hairstyles as these may scar the scalp and lead to hair loss that is permanent.
  • Childbirth – Mothers to be tend to be happy when they see their head much fuller during pregnancy, but are left disappointed as they experience hair loss after giving birth. But this is not true hair loss and is considered normal. Hair fall happens after women give birth due to decrease in estrogen levels. After the shedding period, the hair fullness returns to normal with 1 to 3 years. Over the counter hair volumizing shampoo and conditioner can make the thin hair fuller during your hair loss period.
  • Using chemicals and chemical treatments – There are many women who use chemical products in their hair care regimen. Using products and styling techniques which have different chemicals in it can create many difficulties in the hair growth process and also lead to hair shedding.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome –(PCOS) Women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome,a condition where the body manufactures more androgens or male hormones than it normally should. Women who have this condition have more facial hair and extra body hair. PCOS also can make women gain more weight, have acne, depression and thinning of hair may be the only outward sign that a woman is suffering from this condition.
  • Radiation and Chemotherapy – A very common cause of hair loss found in women these days is radiation and chemotherapy that are used to treat cancer. These therapies harm hair follicles along with killing cancer cells. Women who undertake these therapies can experience dramatic hair loss. The scalp also becomes extra sensitive during this time. But the good news is that once the treatment is over, the hair tends to grow back.
  • Age – Age is also one of the factors that cause hair loss in women. Women who are going through or are about to enter the menopause, changes in the body can lead to have an effect on the hair. Hair loss also becomes more prevalent leading to and after the menopause. And as our hair ages, as we get older, hair has the natural tendency to get finer. It is the normal part of the aging process.

How to avoid hair loss

If you are losing more hair than normal routine, you need to take quick actions to prevent it as there could be an underlying hair loss condition. If the hair loss condition is not avoided in time, it can lead to complete baldness. You will have one only option left before you that is of Hair Transplant.

Avoiding unhealthy habits and complicated hairstyles and taking good treatments on time can always help you to reduce the chance of hair loss. You should also maintain a healthy hair regime to avoid any deficiencies that could lead to hair loss.

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