Why too many young men are suffering from baldness?
Why too many young men are suffering from baldness?

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Why too many young men are suffering from baldness?

Why too many young men are suffering from baldness?
Why too many young men are suffering from baldness?

Balding is often associated with advancing age, but these days there has been an increasing number of younger men who are experiencing Hair Loss. When it comes to Hair Loss, it’s not just losing hair but along with it is losing your confidence too. And if you are going bald in your early 20s then you are not alone. Younger men are losing their scalp hair much earlier as compared to past generations and there has been also in far great numbers.

Why do younger men lose hair much earlier?

The major player can be genetic, but there are other factors too, such as stress, lifestyle and also environmental factors can be main contributors to it. Although these factors almost come at a different intensity altogether for the younger generation, this is why there are many who are losing their hair very early in life.

Here are 4 main causes of losing hair


Experiencing stress can easily show up on our face, but stress and hair loss are also related. As per research, there are three types of hair loss associated with high-stress levels. On a daily basis, the younger generation of today is exposed to different types of stress and if it left unmanaged, this can eventually show up the symptoms associated with it. High levels of stress are very common among young men of today, as they juggle education, career and their personal life.


Although smoking alone cannot be the cause for hair loss, but it can always aggravate the current circumstances. There is a possibility that smoking affects DNA and in turn, can affect the blood circulation to the hair follicles. Nicotine also has the tendency to narrow the blood vessels, further halting fresh hair growth.

Environmental Causes

Prolonged exposure to the sun can also dry out the hair and cause damage to the cells of the hair cuticle, further causing the hair to become dry and brittle in the long run. Stressing out the area, this can make the scalp to tighten, whereby the body eventually can shut down hair production. But this can be easily avoidable.

Lifestyle factors

The lifestyle choices of some of the young men also play a huge part in the development of hair loss. Issues with diet are also a huge contributor with the younger generation ignoring a healthy diet and living on junk and eating at wrong times. Recreational drug use has also the potential for hair loss as they can create a shock to the system. With regular drug use can lead to nutrient depletion and also can deteriorate health which means temporary hair loss is a probable side effect to it.


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