Avoiding shock loss after a hair transplant
Avoiding shock loss after a hair transplant

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Avoiding shock loss after a hair transplant

Avoiding shock loss after a hair transplant
Avoiding shock loss after a hair transplant

Are you losing hair rather than gaining it after a Hair Transplant? If yes is the answer, don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many hair transplant patients who have to experience what is known as “shock hair loss” following the procedure. It is quite normal to experience shedding of few newly transplanted grafts after any hair transplant surgery. Although it is not a side effect, it still can happen for some of the patients out there. But, though there might be some anxiety initially for the condition, if one is following the post-surgery care advice, there isn’t much to worry about and the lost hair will grow back in very less time.

What happens during a Hair Transplant procedure?

There are two types of hair transplant techniques – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a modern hair transplant procedure, provides extremely positive and good results and is cosmetically more popular than Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). In the FUT procedure, a scar is left behind in the donor area.

In the FUE procedure, individual follicles or small clumps of 2-3 follicles that depends on natural density gets removed with a specialist tool and is further shifted to the bald site. This helps in rebuilding hair growing potential in the bald area.

During the procedure, local anesthesia is used so that there is minimal discomfort, both in the donor site as well as the graft site where a small incision is done to embed the follicle into the scalp.

The main difference between FUT and FUE is that a minuscule incision is required for the FUE procedure. In the FUT procedure, a strip of hair gets removed from the back of the head or sides of the head, which provides the entire supply of donor follicles. Even though, sophisticated and advanced suturing techniques are used still, a scar is visible.

What Is Shock Hair Loss in a hair transplant procedure?

During the hair transplant procedure, a physician or surgeon removes small grafts of hair follicles from a donor area on the scalp and then those grafts are implanted into the recipient area of scalp. Unless one is bald, during the treatment the hair grafts are extracted from the other parts of the body where there will be some healthy growing hair surrounding the recipient area.

As the complete procedure is invasive in nature, the trauma or “shock” of performing it, results in shedding of healthy hairs in the surrounding areas after few weeks of the surgery. This is the main reason why it is known as shock hair loss. And to term it that way, it is quite normal in the industry.

Due to this, some patients are troubled as they may not be properly prepared for the possibility. A good reputed clinic will explain you the possibility of the shock hair loss in the consultation period before the surgery. They will also prepare the patient for all the risk factors associated with the surgery.

What causes hair shock loss?

Hair shock loss can be caused by a number of reasons. The main reason is that it occurs due to the stress that is placed on the scalp due to the result of the surgery. The follicles shift to a resting phase till the patient has recovered fully.

Another factor that contributes to the shock loss of healthy hair is the number of follicular units that are harvested from a healthy part of the scalp and then placed to the donor hair grafts in the surgical site. Hair follicles that are bunched in a dense manner can also lead to a high degree of shock loss.

When does the hair grow back after the shock loss?

Hair shock loss after the hair transplant is usually temporary and after the procedure, the recovery period can start by as little as two weeks time. Within this time period, one can notice at least one or two inches of hair growing in the recipient area, provided that all went smoothly during the hair transplant procedure. But in some cases, it is quite difficult to find out how long the shock loss will last after the procedure as everyone’s hair grows at a different rate and the thickness levels are also different. Some patients will experience much slower regeneration process as compared to others.

Is hair shock loss permanent?

In most of the cases, hair shock loss is temporary and the healthy hair that has fallen out will grow back in a short time. But the shock loss can be permanent when the Hair Loss happens in a part of the scalp where it is genetically likely to fall due to advanced age and also pattern baldness.

Can hair shock loss be avoided?

Shock hair loss is part of the procedure where the new healthy hair is cultivated and the hair loss is temporary. Although it cannot be completely avoided, the hairs will re grow alongside the new implants. Both the recipient and donor sites will be affected post-operation and in most of the cases, the hair will take months to grow back.

How can you prevent and reduce the risk of hair shock loss?

There are no permanent solutions that can prevent shock loss during or after a hair transplant procedure. But few preventive measures can help to hinder the process or to reduce the number of native hairs that are lost.

As the hair transplant procedure is done to restore the hair, not to cause additional loss, many patients would like to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

The first step to reduce the risk for shock loss is choosing a reputed clinic such as Rootzhair with experienced and skilled surgeons. A Hair Transplant specialist can evaluate the hair scalp and help you understand the risk for shock loss. The hair shock loss may be upsetting and unwanted but in the course of time the hair will grow back.

For some patients, taking minoxidil or another medication helps in reducing hair loss before the surgery and reduces miniaturized hair follicles.

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