Five Signs That You Are Losing Too Much Hair
Five Signs That You Are Losing Too Much Hair

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Five Signs That You Are Losing Too Much Hair

Five Signs That You Are Losing Too Much Hair
Five Signs That You Are Losing Too Much Hair

Everyone out there loses some hair daily and it’s quite a natural part of hair growth cycle. And it is also not quite alarming if you find few strands in the comb or stray hairs in the bathroom, as you expect this as a healthy Hair Loss. But how do you know or what are the ways to tell if you are losing too much hair than normal as compared to the typical daily amount.

Instead of getting more concerned and panicky about how much hair you are losing and getting nervous about it and proving that there is something wrong with it and making an appointment with the doctor to discuss, you need to evaluate some of the important signs. After you take a closer look at things and come to conclusion that you are not losing that much of hair that you should be worried about, you can determine the cause of your hair loss.

Here are 5 signs that your are losing too much hair

More Hair in Your Brush after Brushing: If you find a lot more of hair on your otherwise clean brush after brushing your hair, this could be a potential indicator that you are losing more hair. Normal hair fall is anything between 50 to 100 strands a day. But if you are finding consistently losing much more, it is obvious sign that it is a hair loss condition.

Changes to your hairline or parting: After brushing your hair, taking a long look in the mirror will help to find out hair loss. If you find that your scalp is showing through, it’s a hint towards hair loss. For men a receding hairline and a wider parting in women signals a hair loss condition called androgentic alopecia. No matter how brittle or thin your natural hair is, it should completely cover your scalp. If you find patches that are thin that you can easily see the skin on your head, it is time to take action. Another idea is to compare your older photos to the more recent ones. If you find stark difference, it’s time to take action.

Hair Clumps on Pillows: Taking a closer look at places where you rest your head can help find signs of hair loss. For example, have a look at the pillow after you wake up, if you find few strands of hair, then it is quite normal. However if you find hair clumps for several days in a row, it is a sign of you losing your hair.

An extra loop when you tie a ponytail: Hair loss can be easily found out if you are used to tying hair in a ponytail. If the same elastic bands you use require you to make an extra loop, that would mean you have less hair as compared to before. However, it may be possible that the elastic bands stretch with time. Hence, this can only be considered a sign of hair loss if you combine it with other symptoms of hair loss.

Large amount of hair in your shower drain:If you see more strands of hair than usual in your shower, it is often the sure sign of you developing a hair loss problem. The normal hair a person loses is considered between 50 and 100 strands a day. If you find you are consistently losing much more, it is a sign that you are facing a hair loss condition.

What are the main reasons for hair loss? There are several reasons to a hair loss. But the following ones are the main reasons one can relate with.

  • Family History: For most of the people out there, especially men, hair loss is usually hereditary. The reason would be that either one or both the parents have suffered from hair loss.
  • Age: As one gets older, both men and women grow less hair. The hair tends to get thinner and is more prone to damage as the body tends to produce fewer hormones.
  • Unhealthy diet: If the diet one takes is unhealthy and lacks in protein and iron, one might suffer from hair loss. That Is why taking proper healthy food including vitamins is important for good hair quality
  • Thyroid disease: If you suffer from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism and the thyroid is not able to manage hormones the way it should, there are chances you might suffer from hair loss.

What to do when you have severe hair loss?

If you happen to notice that you are losing too much of hair, there are many things you can do to reverse it. First you need to contact a doctor so that you can find out the possibilities of serious diseases and get advice on how to proceed. You can also visit a hair clinic like Rootzclinic for hair loss treatment. You can also go in for hair transplantation that is a surgical procedure where the doctor removes hair from the part of the scalp and transfers to the areas of the scalp where the thinning is the most.

Do you want to go for hair transplant surgery?

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