Six factors that contribute to a failed hair transplant
Six factors that contribute to a failed hair transplant

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Six factors that contribute to a failed hair transplant

Six factors that contribute to a failed hair transplant
Six factors that contribute to a failed hair transplant

In the recent past, there has been a rise in people opting for hair transplantation like never before. Hair transplants have turned into a revolutionary procedure helping those who have balding head or hair thinning problems and giving them the natural look.

But a Hair Transplant is a huge procedure and is not as easy as it seems. There are several factors contributing to a successful transplant.

In this blog, we look at the various factors that can contribute to bad hair transplants. Following are few of the factors that we can list.

Not being a suitable candidate

Hair transplants are one of the amazing & cost-effective treatments that is helpful in transforming someone with balding or thinning hair. But everyone cannot be a suitable candidate. It can do more harm than good if one is not a suitable candidate for a hair transplant.

At the Rootzhair clinic we get patients who come for hair transplantation but are either not ready for it or are not eligible for it. Before the transplantation, a detailed medical history of the patient and also diagnosis of present chronic illnesses are important factors. During the medical examination the various tests and special procedures help the doctor to find out if one is a good candidate for hair transplantation

Causes of Hair Loss

The type of Hair Loss is also detrimental in hair transplantation. There are various causes of hair loss. Other than hereditary, hair loss can be caused due to stress, hormonal imbalance or weight loss which is temporary and can be treated with medicines or therapies and hair transplantation is not required. But if the doctor examining the candidate for hair transplantation is not qualified or unqualified, he might misdiagnose a non hereditary cause and perform the surgery. There are chances that the doctor may be unethical who may know the real cause but will perform the surgery anyway.

Not using the right donor grafts

There are some clinics that are not very particular about donor grafts. They use donor grafts from other areas of the body of the person undergoing the transplant and also use other people’s hair. When donor’s hair is used from other areas of the body or if it is used from other people it does not give the same effective results as from the donor hair from the patient’s head. It tends to leave the hair very unnatural looking and there are also higher chances of it failing.

Inadequate postoperative care

After the hair transplant procedure, it is important to take care of yourself. At Rootzclinic, we provide the aftercare instructions and also comprehensive information about the post operative treatments that we will be conducting for the days and weeks to come. After the hair transplant procedure, many patients experience scabbing and itching around the newly transplanted areas. Scratching the particular area and also not washing it properly may have some adverse effects on the survival of grafts and the final results.

Expecting unrealistic outcomes

Some people do not have proper knowledge about the hair transplantation method and have unrealistic expectations from the procedure. You should realize that you will be only befitted from the number of donor hair follicles on your scalp. Although the donor hair follicles can be easily obtained from the other parts of your body, it may be not there for a longer time and will not provide you with a natural look.

Inexperienced surgeon

One of the most important factors that determine the outcome of the hair transplantation is the skills and expertise of the surgeon performing the surgery. To master the skill, it takes a lot of time, effort and confidence and no one would like to be an experimental subject for such a surgery.

Hair transplant should be performed by an experienced surgeon, someone who knows the proper grafting process; otherwise it may lead to failure of the hair transplantation. As graft placing is quite an important part for the final look of the hair transplant procedure, it is best to be done in the hands of experienced surgeon. An experienced surgeon has the knowledge of utilizing the available donor grafts in an effective manner, thus providing an outcome that is natural looking.

Not being a suitable candidate can lead to your hair transplant looking not good on you in the future. At Rootzhair clinic, we always consult you on future hair loss so that your hair transplantation will prove to be effective for you in the future.

Going in for hair transplantation is a big decision and you need to take in consideration lot of factors. We help you pick up the right treatment for you.

Book a consultation with RootzHair Clinic and find out the best solution for your hair loss condition.

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