Top 10 Myths about Hair Transplantation
Top 10 Myths about Hair Transplantation

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Top 10 Myths about Hair Transplantation

Top 10 Myths about Hair Transplantation
Top 10 Myths about Hair Transplantation

Today, Hair Transplantationis among the most cost-effective and successful Hair Loss Treatments available. But then many of you out there even after doing a thorough research and inquiries, are likely to come across so many myths regarding hair transplantation surgery. In this blog, we will try to debunk the common myths that surround the transplantation and help you understand the benefits of the same.

Myth #1: Hair Transplants are not effective

Fact: A hair transplant surgery is one of the most effective treatment options that are good for hair loss. You can always opt for prescription formulas and drugs as they can slow down hair loss or bring in slower regrowth, but a hair transplant is the only one which provides you regrowth that lasts long. This is due to the fact that hair transplants procedures use hair that doesn’t fall, from the side and back of your head. The hair that is transplanted will never be lost.

Myth# 2: Hair Transplants are not safe

Fact: People often discourage hair transplant surgery as they are considered to be an unsafe method. They are also believed to cause damage to the head and eyes. Experienced clinics and surgeons take all the precautions required so that the procedure performed on a person is safe. Although there are very few issues such as slight itching, redness etc., these are all part of the transplant procedure and will fade out with time.

Myth#3: Hair that is transplanted do not grow

Fact: In the transplant procedure, the hair is taken from your head and each hair is taken along with the root and due to this the hair has the capacity to grow. The procedure if done in an experienced clinic, one won’t be able to distinguish if the transplant has been done or not. Implanted hair grows the same way as your natural hair will do. You will also be able to cut and colour your hair the way you do to your normal hair.

Myth#4: Hair that is transplanted will easily fall off if the FUE transplant method is used

Fact: There is this false impression that the transplanted hair grows for some time and then it has the tendency to fall off. But, the truth is that the transplanted hair that grows lasts for a lifetime and does not easily fall off. There is also the natural life cycle of the transplanted hair and the hair that is transplanted falls off 2-3 weeks after implantation. After that, they will be growing back and gives the best results in 9 to 12 months.

Myth#5: Hair transplants are quite painful

Fact: The hair transplants are not only safe but they do not cause any pain or discomfort. And there is typically no recovery period. After the transplantation, you can continue and resume your day to day activities within days. A local numbing agent or anesthesia is used during the procedure on the scalp and most of the patients do not even have the feeling. And the recovery period in FUE Transplant method is comparatively much easier than in FUT Procedure.

Myth#6: FUE Hair transplants are only for men

Fact: Women are of the view that they cannot have hair transplant as this procedure is only meant for men. But the hair transplantation is as suitable for women as it is for men, as they too have the problem of baldness. The criteria however is different for women as the pattern of baldness and the number of grafts that have to be extracted is different. As the results are quite encouraging, every woman who suffers from baldness should consider undergoing hair transplant.

Myth#7: Hair transplants are not for senior citizens

Fact: This is quite wrong because it is the older people who suffer from baldness. People from all ages from the 20s to 70s can easily undergo hair transplant and it all depends upon the indication. The most ideal candidates for hair transplantation are those who over 30s and 40s as the hair loss pattern gets more stabilized and the chances of losing more hair is reduced. Age is not at all a barrier and if one feels that hair transplantation can improve self confidence and helps one make look better.

Myth#8: You cannot wash your hair after a transplant

Fact: It’s a total myth that after hair transplantation one needs to be careful and that they cannot wash their hair. But the truth is that one can shampoo the hair as often as one likes it a week or so after the procedure. We recommend you to wash it as it keeps the treated area clean and can avoid infection.

Myth#9: Hair transplants do not provide natural results

Fact:When hair transplantation is done at an experienced, well known and professional clinic, it is done with complete care and they ensure that each hair follicle is extracted with extra care. When these follicles get implanted into your scalp, it is made in the direction corresponding to the natural hair which leads to a tandem growth. The surgeons in the clinic also ensure that the scars left behind after the transplantation are minimal. With this extra care and attention, the hair transplantation will always look natural.

Myth#10: You have to take medicine to avoid further hair loss

Fact: There are many people who believe that after the hair transplant surgery one should take drugs to protect against further hair loss. There are some medicines that can help hair loss. But these medicines need not be used after the transplantation. The hair after the hair transplantation will never fall out and there is no need for extra treatment required to protect it. As long as the hair is surgically transplanted, it is hundred percent safe from balding.

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